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How do you RSVP to regrets?

  • Don't ignore the invitation. Putting the invitation aside to deal with later isn't good for you or the person who sent it.
  • Don't wait.
  • Be thankful.
  • Be honest.
  • Ask for a different time.
  • Don't over-explain.
  • Send something.
  • How do you politely decline an invitation without giving a reason?

  • “Thank you for thinking of me. I would love to be there, but can't.”
  • “Wish I could, but it is not possible for me to attend.”
  • “I'm already busy that day/evening/weekend.”
  • “Oh, too bad for me. I'm going to miss all the fun!”
  • Should you serve alcohol at a baby shower?

    If she is the host, whether it's appropriate to serve it, if she is a guest, whether it will be served. There is no right answer to the question of alcoholic drinks at a baby shower. The one solution that will satisfy everyone is serving non-alcoholic drinks and spirits.

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