Office 365 Sharepoint Templates

How do I create a template in SharePoint 365?

Click Sites and workspaces under Site Administration. Click Create in the Sites and Workspaces dialog. In the New SharePoint Site dialog, enter the Title for the page, a Description, and the URL name for users to use to get to your site. Under the Template Selection, click the Custom tab, and click your saved template.

How do I save a SharePoint online template?

  • Navigate to the top-level site of your site collection.
  • Click Settings, and then click Site Settings.
  • In the Site Actions section, click Save site as a template.
  • Specify a name to use for the template file in the File name box.
  • How do I create a SharePoint group in Office 365?

  • In the admin center, expand Groups, and then click Groups.
  • Select Add a group.
  • On the Choose a group type page, select Office 365, and select Next.
  • On the Basics page, type a name for the group, and, optionally, a description.
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