Retirement Slideshow Ideas

What do you put in a retirement video?

  • Idea#1: A Video Montage of Thoughtful Messages as a Group.
  • Idea#2: Funny Story Video Montage in a Group.
  • Idea#3: A 1-minute video montage of group toasts.
  • Idea#4: Answers To Questions In A Group Video Montage.
  • Idea#5: Video Montage Of Written Words In A Group.
  • Idea#6: Bucket List Ideas Video Montage.
  • How do you honor someone retiring?

  • Congratulations and best wishes in retirement!
  • I'm glad to have had the opportunity to work with and learn from you.
  • Share a treasured memory you'll have of working with the retiree.
  • You will be missed!
  • Stay in touch!
  • Thank you for all of your hard work and contributions.
  • How do I start a retirement video?

  • Setup a private event page.
  • Page upload videos and photos.
  • Invite friends and family to join.
  • Publish the video.
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    What is a good retirement message?

    110 Retirement Wishes to Write in Retirement Cards

  • Retirement is the world's longest coffee break.
  • Your someday is here.
  • Enjoy your days of sleeping late and doing nothing!
  • I hope that your retired life is the best part of your life.
  • Happy Retirement!
  • Enjoy a long-overdue retirement.
  • Enjoy your retirement.
  • How long should a retirement video be?

    If filming from a phone, be sure to hold it horizontally. Ideal Tribute length is around a minute. Follow the prompts your Tribute leader mentions above. Your video doesn't need to be fancy, just take the time to think about what they mean to you and share it.

    What should a retirement toast say?

  • Mention the retiree's work history.
  • Discuss one or two memorable work incidents.
  • Share your appreciation of the retiree's work and personal qualities.
  • Wish the retiree well in the future.
  • Find out when you'll be giving the toast.
  • Edit your speech to fit the timeline of the event.
  • How do you identify a retiree?


    (See related documents for Employee Recognition and General Accounting Procedures.) A retiring staff member cannot receive cash in lieu of a party or gift.

    What to gift someone who is retiring?

    Personalized Retirement Gifts

  • Retirement Flower Box.
  • Personalized Travel Bag.
  • Photo Crystal.
  • Music Box Attic.
  • A Sweet Thanks.
  • Personalized Bourbon Flight.
  • Retirement Gift Box Set.
  • The California Wine Mixer Box.
  • What is the color for retirement?

    For a classic retirement party, sophisticated and timeless color schemes are a suitable option. Keep it simple with a black and white color scheme; add a bit of distinction by opting for black paper plates and white streamers, instead of the more expected combination of white plates and black streamers.

    Who usually throws a retirement party?

    Corporations often host retirement parties for employees. These parties might range from a casual office gathering with cake for a group of people retiring to a department hosting a small dinner for a single person retiring to a formal dinner and dancing extravaganza in honor of the retiree.

    What to do after retiring?

  • Live Within Your Means. You earned your retirement – now make it last.
  • Travel the World. Now that you don't have to worry about the limits of vacation time, take extended vacations.
  • Buy a Motor Home.
  • Remodel Your Home.
  • Move to the Country.
  • Move to the City.
  • Start a Business.
  • Get a Part-Time Job.
  • What to say to your coworkers when you retire?

    Heartfelt Ways to Say Goodbye to Coworkers

    “You are the sisters and brothers I never had. Thank you all for making Smith and Jones a great place to work.” “My family doesn't understand why I'm so sad to retire. They don't understand how much I will miss you all.”

    How do you wish retirement in one word?

  • Best wishes as you retire, Susan. You're such a gifted, creative person, your retirement won't be dull for a minute! Congratulations!
  • Happy Retirement! Congratulations on this new phase of your life, Steve. May all your hopes and plans come true!
  • Congratulations! You got your life back! Enjoy every minute, Jim!
  • How do you say thank you for your retirement wishes?

  • Thank you for adding to the joy of my retirement with your well wishes and amazing gift.
  • I'll always remember your kindness!
  • Thank you so much for the gift!
  • You made me feel important and appreciated.
  • I love my gift, and I love that I'll think of you whenever I see/use it!
  • What do you say at a retirement reception?

    To keep things simple, consider these wording ideas:

  • Happy retirement, [Name]! You've earned it.
  • Congrats on your retirement!
  • Wishing you good health for the future.
  • Sending happy retirement wishes your way, [Name]!
  • Have a wonderful retirement, [Name]!
  • Wishing you a happy and healthy retirement — have fun!
  • How do I announce my retirement?

  • Research your company's retirement policies.
  • Speak with supervisors about options.
  • Write an announcement letter or email.
  • Give at least six months' notice.
  • Offer to help during the transition.
  • What does the Bible say about retirement?

    The Lord said to Moses, “This applies to the Levites: Men twenty-five years old or more shall come to take part in the work at the tent of meeting, but at the age of fifty, they must retire from their regular service and work no longer.

    Can you legally ask someone when they plan to retire?

    Employees cannot be forced to retire because of their age. Employers who repeatedly ask an employee about retirement are giving the employee evidence of age discrimination if the employee is later fired. However, employers do have the right to know if an employee is planning to retire.

    Can you ask someone when they are going to retire?

    While it is not unlawful for employers to ask employees about their plans for retirement, for example for the purpose of planning their future workforce requirements, employers should be aware of the risk of age discrimination.

    Can I be fired for announcing retirement?

    Unfortunately, an employer can legally terminate an employee after they have given “notice” and before the “notice time” has run out. It is rare and generally considered bad business to do so, but an employer can terminate unless a signed employment agreement says otherwise.

    Is a watch a good retirement gift?

    For a traditional retirement gift: A stylish watch

    Dubbed as a traditional gift, watches are always a go-to gift for the newly-minted retiree. These top-rated Fossil watches—with gold stainless steel finishes—are a great option for both him and her.

    What to give a man who is retiring?

    71 Best Retirement Gifts For Men

  • Personalized Wooden Watch.
  • The Legend Has Retired- Personalized Whiskey Glass.
  • Personalized Men's Wallet.
  • Animal Home - Personalized Beer Sample Set.
  • Hello Pension..
  • Personalized Leather Bracelet.
  • Is wine a good retirement gift?

    The average age of retirement in the United States is 63 years old, so wines from the mid-1950s make great birth year wine retirement gifts. If you're looking ahead to a loved one's retirement, you can purchase and hold some bottles aside until your friend, coworker, or relative is ready to retire.

    How long should a retirement party last?

    How long should a retirement party last? Typically retirement parties officially last 2 hours, given the breath of attendees. Some companies opt for a 11am-1pm luncheon with light hors d'oeuvres, while other colleagues prefer a formal 6pm-8pm sit down dinner with speeches.

    When should you send out retirement invitations?

    What to Include in Retirement Party Invitations. Date/Time: Make sure to give all invitees enough time reschedule plans so they can make the party. Plan to send invites out at least three weeks in advance.

    Is it wrong to not want a retirement party?

    Yes, you may decline the honor of a retirement party. But in doing so, you may not violate the rule about setting the terms -- in other words, you cannot refuse on the grounds that these are terrible parties that people are coerced into, and that they should think of some better way of honoring you.

    How do I celebrate my husband's retirement?

  • Festivities and adventures. Saving up enough money to retire is a major accomplishment that's worth celebrating.
  • Plan a retirement party.
  • Go on a trip.
  • Relax.
  • Make a memory book.
  • Write your memoir.
  • Take a class.
  • Try something new.
  • What is the first thing to do when you retire?

    What Are Some of the Very First Things You Should Do When You Retire?

  • Move Somewhere New: Have you ever wanted to live in the country?
  • Travel the World:
  • Get a Rewarding Part-Time Job:
  • Give Yourself Time to Adjust to a Fixed Income:
  • Exercise More:
  • What is the best age for retirement?

    When asked when they plan to retire, most people say between 65 and 67.

    How do you tell your coworkers you're leaving?

    Tell them that you are indeed moving on, without going into lengthy discussions about what prompted your departure. If you are comfortable telling others why you're leaving, keep it simple: "I've accepted a new job" or "I'm going to grad school" is sufficient.

    How do you tell your team you are leaving?

  • Make sure your boss hears first.
  • Then tell your colleagues that you're leaving.
  • Refrain from oversharing.
  • Reassure them that you'll stay in touch.
  • Try not to overthink your friends' reactions.
  • What to say to a friend who is retiring?

    Retirement messages for friends and family

  • May this next chapter of life bring you endless time to do the things you love!
  • Welcome to the next stage of your life, where every day is the weekend!
  • Now the fun begins!
  • Wishing you endless days of relaxation.
  • Hope your retirement is as rockin' as you imagined it would be!
  • How do you thank a retiring employee?

    I would like to personally congratulate you on your retirement from Big Company. I enjoyed working with you during your time here, and I consider you not only a valuable asset to our company but an enjoyable presence in the office, as well.

    How do you start a retirement speech?

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