Sharepoint 2010 Project Management Templates

How do I create a project plan in SharePoint?

  • Click Site Actions. , click View All Site Content, and then click Create.
  • In Search Installed Items, type Project, and click search .
  • Click Project Tasks.
  • Type the Name for the list. Name is required.
  • Click Create.
  • How do I save a SharePoint 2010 site as a template?

    To create a Site Template, browse to the Site you want to create from. Go to Site Actions –> Site Settings –> Save site as template (under the Site Actions heading). Give your template a name, and don't forget to check the "Include Content" box if you want to include library and list content in the template.

    How do I customize tasks in SharePoint?

    Click the name of the task details page that you want to edit. This opens the master file for the task details page. On the ribbon, click Edit File, and then click Edit File in Advanced Mode. You can now edit the layout of your site, add or remove Web Parts, and make changes as required.

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