Sharepoint Create Site From Template

How do you duplicate a SharePoint site?

  • Navigate to the Site Pages document library (Gear Icon > Site Contents > Site Pages)
  • Click the checkbox next to the page you want to copy (you can also right-click) and choose Copy to.
  • On the side panel, click Copy here (don't change the destination location)
  • How do I export and import a SharePoint site?

    Go to SharePoint Central Administration >> Backup and Restore >> Click on "Export a site or list" link under "Granular Backup" group. Move the backup file to another environment and restore the backup file in another environment.

    Can you build a website with SharePoint?

    SharePoint introduces a site authoring and publishing model to create publishing sites. You can use publishing sites to publish content on intranet or Internet sites. You can use the SharePoint site publishing capabilities to build, customize, and maintain publishing sites that meet specific business needs.

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    How do I move a SharePoint site from one tenant to another?

  • Save the source site as a template.
  • Then attach the saved template to the destination site in SharePoint Online.
  • Copy the content from source site to the destination site in SharePoint Online.
  • What is a communication site in SharePoint?

    A SharePoint communication site is a great place to broadcast information to others. Share news, reports, status updates, and more in a visually appealing format. Use communication sites to engage and inform broad audiences. Create portals, department, or project-specific sites.

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