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How many sites are there in SharePoint online?

Four different site types currently exist in SharePoint Online at the University: Modern Team site (Connected to an Office 365 Group) Modern Team site (Not connected to an Office 365 Group) Communication site.

How do I create a personal site in SharePoint online?

  • Select + Create site on the SharePoint start page.
  • In the wizard: Select whether you'd like to create a Team site or a Communication site. Enter the name (and a description, if you want) for the site. You can select Edit.
  • In the next pane, enter the owners and members.
  • Select Finish.
  • What are the different templates in SharePoint?

    SharePoint now offers several site templates that contain pre-populated pages, page templates, news post templates, and web parts that can be customized to fit the needs of your organization.

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    What is the future for SharePoint?

    The future of SharePoint

    Microsoft is encouraging organisations to move to online collaboration and sharing. The company has improved its support for self-service migrations to SharePoint Online with its SharePoint Migration Tool, which can move complete on-premises SharePoint sites to the cloud.

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