Should I Shred Old Utility Bills?

How many years of utility bills should I keep?

Utility Bills: Hold on to them for a maximum of one year. Tax Returns and Tax Receipts: Just like tax-related credit card statements, keep these on file for at least three years. House and Car Insurance Policies: Shred the old ones when you receive new policies.

Why should I shred utility bills?

Credit card statements and utility bills are documents that should be high on anyone's list for shredding. Bills of that nature tend to have very sensitive information. So once payment is confirmed and you no longer need to reference that bill, make sure the document is destroyed.

Should I shred credit card statements?

Destroy Immediately

After paying credit card or utility bills, shred them immediately. Also, shred sales receipts, unless the items purchased have warranties. Sales and cash withdrawal receipts from ATM's, junk mail credit card offers.

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Should I keep old car insurance documents?

Vehicle registration: Keep it as long as you own the car. Insurance policies: Keep your most recent policy. Tax records, including receipts: Keep for seven years after filing the tax return.

How far back do banks keep records?

Fortunately, if you've misplaced your documents, you might be able to get a copy from the bank. Banks are required by law to keep most records of checking and savings accounts for five years.

How far back do banks keep copies of checks?

Banks keep copies of customers' cleared checks and comply with customers' requests for copies of checks up to seven years after the receipt of the items. This is to give customers sufficient information to identify the items paid through their accounts.

How much does UPS charge to shred?

Shredding Service Pricing

Shredding Service Pricing Cost
Per Lbs. Rate up to 15 Lbs. $1.50
Per Lbs. Rate up to 30 Lbs. $1.40
Per Lbs. Rate up to 100 Lbs. $1.30
Per Lbs. Rate up to 300 Lbs. $1.25

Are shredding documents safe?

Shredding paper is the most secure and sustainable way to dispose of documents and paperwork. Shredding is the most secure and convenient way to dispose of documents and files and there are different levels of shredder security determined by the size and shape of the shreds they produce.

What do I do with old mail?

How to recycle paper junk mail. Letters, flyers and numerous other items come to you printed on regular old paper. It is fine to place it in your recycling bin; your recycling service provider will get it to a paper recycling company, which will reduce it to pulp and use it to make new paper.

How long should you keep pay stubs?

In general, you should keep pay stubs for up to a year, then it's considered safe to throw them away. Make sure you properly shred them so no one can get ahold of your old pay stubs and glean personal information you don't want public.

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