Software Maintenance Plan Example

What is a software maintenance plan?

Definition: Software maintenance is a part of Software Development Life Cycle. Its main purpose is to modify and update software application after delivery to correct faults and to improve performance. The essential part of software maintenance requires preparation of an accurate plan during the development cycle.

How do you create a systematic maintenance plan for software?

  • Design a monitoring, evaluating and updating plan.
  • Place your computer in a well-ventilated area.
  • Schedule the use of computer for its longer life.
  • Move the computer only when it is turned off and unplugged.
  • Treat your computer properly.
  • What are the main software maintenance activities?

    to modify and update software applications after delivery to correct faults and to improve performance

  • Corrective maintenance:
  • Adaptive maintenance:
  • Perfective maintenance:
  • Preventive maintenance:
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    What are the four systematic maintenance plan for your software?

    Design a systematic maintenance plan for your software. Backup your files. Install or secure passwords. Delete temporary files.

    What is the difference between the maintenance plan for hardware and maintenance plan for software?

    (1) Hardware maintenance is the testing and cleaning of equipment. (2) Software maintenance is the updating of operating systems and application programs in order to add new functions and change data formats. It also includes fixing bugs and adapting the software to new hardware devices.

    What are the basic routine maintenance comprises of the 3 basic processes?

    The basic routine maintenance comprises of the 3 basic processes:

  • Data Backup.
  • Malware Maintenance.
  • Disk or File System Maintenance.
  • What are the types of software maintenance?

    There are four types of software maintenance:

  • Corrective Software Maintenance.
  • Adaptive Software Maintenance.
  • Perfective Software Maintenance.
  • Preventive Software Maintenance.
  • How do you maintain a software?

  • Listen to your help desk.
  • Engage QA.
  • Consider a move to the cloud.
  • Sunset the applications that aren't returning value.
  • Always regression test.
  • Use a standardized procedure for installation of new software releases.
  • Optimize your software maintenance team.
  • What are the four types of software?

    What Are the 4 Main Types of Software?

  • Application Software.
  • System Software.
  • Programming Software.
  • While application software is designed for end-users, and system software is designed for computers or mobile devices, programming software is for computer programmers and developers who are writing code.
  • Driver Software.
  • What is maintenance checklist?

    An itemized list of discrete maintenance tasks that have been prepared by the manufacturers of the asset and/or other subject matter experts such as consultants. Checklists are the basic building blocks of a maintenance program.

    What is a maintenance plan in SAP?

    It determines the scheduling of inspections, preventive maintenance, and repairs of technical objects. An SAP Maintenance Plan is created as per an organization's work method for creating maintenance objects for various technical objects on different dates or systems.

    How do I set up a maintenance schedule?

  • 1: Prioritize Assets by Maintenance Needs.
  • 2: Collect Historical Data About Each Asset.
  • 3: Make Projections About Assets Maintenance Needs.
  • 4: Put Together the Initial Preventive Maintenance Plan.
  • 5: Verify Progress and Adjust as Needed.
  • What is an example of maintenance?

    The definition of maintenance is providing support or upkeep to something. An example of maintenance is a janitor keeping a school clean. The work of keeping something in proper condition; upkeep. A job that barely provides a maintenance.

    What are 5 software examples?

    12 Application Software Examples

  • Microsoft Word. I already mentioned Microsoft Word as being a great example of application software.
  • Google Chrome. Another application software I referred to a few times is Google Chrome.
  • Firefox.
  • Skype.
  • Windows Media Player.
  • VLC Media Player.
  • Microsoft Access.
  • Photoshop.
  • What are the 20 examples of software?

    20 Types Of Software

  • Office Productivity. Tools for developing knowledge materials such as a spreadsheet or text document.
  • Automation. Software for automating work such as business processes or manufacturing tasks.
  • Robotics. Software for autonomous machines.
  • Controls. Systems that implement controls.
  • Decision Support.
  • What are the 5 application software examples?

    Examples of application software are Microsoft Word, spreadsheets, VLC media player, Firefox or Google Chrome, accounting applications, photo editor, mobile apps such as video games, Whatsapp, etc.

    What are the two types of maintenance?

    Most types of maintenance fall under two main categories: preventive and corrective. Preventive maintenance is when you proactively initiate tasks and maintenance plans to prevent failures from occurring.

    How do you set up a maintenance manual?

  • Make a plan and the outline of the document. The manual and what goes into it should be planned well in advance.
  • Gather necessary documentation and information.
  • Create the first draft.
  • Gather feedback.
  • Finalize the document.
  • Regularly update the manual.
  • Why do you need to plan and prepare for maintenance and repair?

    Preparation of maintenance activities

    In order to ensure good-quality, efficient and safe preventive maintenance without unnecessary waiting time, it is very important that such activities are prepared in respect of spare parts, time expenditure and any other resources.

    What does software maintenance and support include?

    Software maintenance and support services include long-term and pay-as-you-go (incident-based) support contracts. Software support contracts include remote troubleshooting and support provided via the telephone and online channels, as well as installation assistance and basic usability assistance.

    How are software maintenance tasks triggered?

    There are five common types of maintenance triggers: breakdown, time-based, event-based, usage-based, and condition-based. It's important to understand when and how to use each one to achieve maximum efficiency and reliability at your facility.

    What is schedule maintenance?

    Scheduled maintenance is any task that is given a deadline and assigned to a technician. It can either be a recurring task done at regular intervals or a one-time task. Scheduled maintenance includes inspections, adjustments, regular service, and planned shutdowns.

    What is simple maintenance?

    For Organizational Management users, Simple Maintenance is best used to establish the basic framework in organizational plan development. Simple Maintenance uses a tree structure, which allows you to create a basic framework for organizational plans, using streamlined procedures.

    What are examples of preventive maintenance?

    For example: performing regular business and equipment inspections, cleaning and lubricating essential equipment, and tidying your business's grounds are all examples of preventive maintenance. The goal of preventive maintenance is to prevent equipment failure before it occurs, and to reduce the risk of accidents.

    What is maintenance process?

    Maintenance is the process in which changes are implemented either by modifying the existing system's structure or by adding new components to the system. System requirements are changing fastly and to meet this requirement some changes are incorporated and maintained in the system.

    What is an example of a software?

    Software is the programs and routines for a computer or the program material for an electronic device which make it run. An example of software is Excel or Windows or iTunes. Word processing programs and Internet browsers are examples of software.

    What are 3 different types of software?

    Software is used to control a computer. There are different types of software that can run on a computer: system software, utility software, and application software.

    What are the 2 types of software?

    Computer software is typically classified into two major types of programs: system software and application software.

    What is PM checklist?

    A preventive maintenance checklist is a set of written tasks that guide the technician through a PM before it can be closed. A checklist gets all the steps and information out of a manual and into the hands of experienced technicians by standardizing PMs in your CMMS.

    What is preventive maintenance plan?

    Preventive maintenance (PM) is the regular and routine maintenance of equipment and assets in order to keep them running and prevent any costly unplanned downtime from unexpected equipment failure. A good preventive maintenance plan also involves keeping records of past inspections and the servicing of equipment.

    How do I display a maintenance plan in SAP?

    IP03 is a transaction code used for Display Maintenance Plan in SAP.

    How do I find my maintenance plan in SAP?

    How do I activate a maintenance plan in SAP?

    What is a maintenance Matrix?

    Maintenance Matrix provides a service to improve your existing equipment maintenance practices and assist with the development of a managed Cost Savings Model.

    How do you write a maintenance proposal?

    Sample Business Proposals / Equipment Maintenance and Repair Sample Proposal.

    What are the 4 types of maintenance PDF?


  • Time-Based Maintenance (TBM)
  • Predictive Maintenance (PDM)
  • Failure Finding Maintenance (FFM)
  • Condition-Based Maintenance (CBM)
  • Risk-Based Maintenance (RBM)
  • What is PM and CM in maintenance?

    Difference between CM and PM : Corrective Maintenance. Preventive Maintenance. CM is performed after asset failure or after anything goes wrong. PM is performed before asset failure or before anything goes wrong.

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