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What should a product roadmap include?

6 Key Things to Include in a Product Roadmap

  • Product Vision. This is critical as it sets your company on the path to creating a specific product strategy.
  • Strategy. This is the case you build for your product.
  • Requirements. You need to get information to outline your needs.
  • Product Plan.
  • Markers.
  • Metrics.
  • How do you create agile roadmap?

  • Start with product strategy and goals.
  • Turn your goals into initiatives.
  • Gather cross-functional feedback.
  • Define product features and tie to strategic initiatives.
  • Plan your product releases.
  • Capture and integrate customer feedback.
  • Measure results regularly.
  • Is strategy impacted by vision and vice versa?

    But, without a strategy on how to achieve our vision, the vision stays a vision and consequently will have zero impact. Therefore, visions need strategies. Vice versa, strategies need to be based on visions in order to be powerful. Business development without following a visionary strategy leaves the future to chance.

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    Can you create a Roadmap in Azure DevOps?

    The Feature Timeline and Epic Roadmap extension is available on TFS 2017 Update 2 and later versions. You can download it from the Marketplace for Azure DevOps, Feature Timeline and Epic Roadmap.

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