What Are Weaknesses Examples?

What is a weakness in the workplace?

Example of Weaknesses in the Workplace

Unwilling to give tasks to others and make full use of co-workers. Reluctant to hand over responsibility to others. Can result in under-utilizing other's skills and taking on too much of the workload oneself.

How do you describe your weaknesses?

Some examples of weaknesses include:

  • Disorganized.
  • Self-critical/sensitive.
  • Perfectionism (note: this can be a strength in many roles, so be sure you have an example of how perfectionism can be a problem to demonstrate that you've thought deeply about this trait)
  • Shy/Not adept at public speaking.
  • What are child's weaknesses?

    Traits Commonly Perceived As Weaknesses

  • Talking too much - Effective Communicators, Articulate.
  • Acting Out - Communicates Deeper Underlying Emotions and Difficulties.
  • Clingy - Affectionate.
  • Compulsive- Efficient/Attention to detail.
  • Defiant - Strong Beliefs, Courageous.
  • Dramatic - Emotionally Aware/Dramatic.
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    What are some bad qualities in a person?

    Here's our list of the worst qualities to have when it comes to bad personality traits:

  • Narcissistic.
  • Manipulative.
  • Judgmental.
  • Dishonest.
  • Greedy.
  • Needing to be Right.
  • Pessimistic.
  • Egocentric.
  • What are strengths and weaknesses examples?

    10 Personality Strengths and Weakness

  • 5 Personality Strengths You Should Know. Brave. Confident. Idealistic. Determined. Humble.
  • 5 Personality Weaknesses You Should Know. Being too honest. Hard time letting go of tasks until finished. Giving myself hard time and the deadline to finish work. Too critical of yourself. Introverted.
  • Is being too detailed a weakness?

    “I'm too detail oriented” is not a good weakness

    If an employer is asking you to describe a weakness, they aren't going to view it as a negative if you give a real, genuine answer. Nobody's perfect and they want you to mention a true negative area in your skill set.

    What are your weaknesses as a parent?

    Learning to overcome these 7 common parenting mistakes will get you a long way towards being a more effective parent.

  • 1) Not Trying to Fix Problems.
  • 2) Overestimating or Underestimating Problems.
  • 3) Having Unrealistic Expectations.
  • 4) Being Inconsistent.
  • 5) Not Having Rules or Setting Limits.
  • 6) Fighting Back.
  • What are some negative things about yourself?

  • I have low self esteem.
  • I doubt myself to much.
  • I sway away from my diet to much.
  • I usually start things later than I attend to.
  • I hold grudges.
  • I`m to picky with food.
  • I do not drink enough water.
  • I do not visit the doctors very much.
  • What does weak personality mean?

    1 lacking in physical or mental strength or force; frail or feeble. 2 liable to yield, break, or give way. a weak link in a chain. 3 lacking in resolution or firmness of character.

    What is a good negative quality?

    Good Negative Qualities to Say in an Interview:

    Procrastination. Getting stressed near deadlines. Shyness. Being too strict to yourself.

    What are bad qualities in a man?

    Here are seven qualities to be very wary of in your potential mate:

  • They Take No Interest In Things That Matter To You.
  • They Are Hot And Cold.
  • They Don't Plan Or Keep Commitments.
  • They Are Always Focused On Sex.
  • They Are Selfish.
  • People In Your Life Don't Like Them.
  • They Are Emotionally Closed Off.
  • What are the six traits of bad character?

    Terms in this set (36)

  • arrogant. you have an attitude that you are better than everyone else.
  • awkward. to be clumsy, not graceful, or to feel embarrassed.
  • bad-tempered. often in a bad mood.
  • beastly. disagreeable, disgusting, nasty.
  • bossy. always telling people what to do.
  • conceited. vain, big headed,
  • crazed.
  • cruel.
  • What are some weaknesses of a leader?

    Types of leadership weaknesses

  • Separating or standing apart from your team.
  • Being overly critical.
  • Micromanaging employees.
  • Requiring constant contact.
  • Acting without integrity.
  • Failing to set clear expectations.
  • Failing to set clear goals or objectives.
  • Providing ineffective feedback.
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