What Can You Do At A Bridal Shower Besides Games?

What are some fun things to do at a bridal shower?

  • Bride and Groom Photo Challenge. Guests will love this fun wedding shower game that features favorite photos of the bride and groom!
  • Bingo Gift Game. Download and print blank bingo cards for each guest.
  • Wedding Ring Toss.
  • Romantic Movie Quotes.
  • Love Songs.
  • Ball and Chain Game.
  • Bride and Groom Trivia.
  • Married or Not Married.
  • Do you have to do games at a bridal shower?

    Although games at your bridal shower aren't absolutely necessary, they're a tradition for a reason—they help your closest pals get to know one another, celebrate the couple, and ensure the party is a fun time for guests of all ages.

    How many games are played at a bridal shower?

    Our basic rule of thumb is one game played for every hour spent. As most batteries tend to be three hours long, the average number of games played at a bridal shower is three. Check out a range of Magic Men's hens party ideas to help in your upcoming party.

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    Is it weird not to have a bridal shower?

    Bridal showers aren't required, so if you're not interested, here's how to spread the word. Not every to-be-wed wants a bridal shower, and that's totally their call. While saying "no" to having a bridal shower should be simple in theory, declining a friend or family member's offer to throw you one can be tricky.

    Do bridal showers have to have a theme?

    While a theme isn't an absolute must for a bridal shower, having one will make party planning a whole lot easier for the hosts and makes for a more interesting, cohesive event for guests. Every decision they make-from the flowers to the food to the favors-will be driven by the theme.

    How much do you know the bride questions?

    Our Favourite How Well do You Know the Bride?

  • What would be her dream honeymoon?
  • What's her signature drink?
  • What was her favourite subject in school?
  • What is the bride's middle name?
  • Where did she meet her future spouse?
  • What colour are her eyes?
  • How many wedding dresses did she try on?
  • What is a wine raffle at a bridal shower?

    Have each guest bring a bottle of wine and fill out these Wine Raffle Printable Tickets ($5). Then, pick a card and the person whose name is on the card will win a prize.

    Who throws the bride her bridal shower?

    Who throws a bridal shower? The bridal shower is usually hosted by the maid of honor, close friends, bridal attendants, or bridesmaids. No matter who is hosting, be sure to communicate clearly to make sure you aren't planning two separate showers.

    Is it rude not to open gifts at a bridal shower?

    It's a tradition.

    There are still plenty of guests who look forward to seeing the bride's spontaneous reactions to the gifts, as well as see what everyone else brought. If your bridal shower guest list has a number of older guests, they may be upset if you don't open each wrapped present.

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