What Chapter Did The Anime Tower Of God End?

What chapter is after Tower of God anime?

After the anime ends u should start at chp 80. But I highly recommend u start from chp 42, the Hide and Seek Arc. The anime skipped and changed a lot, which consequently changed the sub narrative of the entire story. U will definitely get a diff experience after reading from chp 42.

How many chapters is Tower of God anime?

It contains 80 chapters (including the preview and review), 78 of which are split into 11 Arcs and an epilogue. It features Twenty-Fifth Baam as its main protagonist.

What happened to Tower of God webtoon?

Tower of God went on a hiatus in 2020 due to the creator's health issues. Since then, fans are eager to know when the Webtoon is making a comeback. And while anime fans are eagerly waiting for the second season, everyone else wants the Webtoon to come back.

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Does Rent-A-Girlfriend have a movie?

Rent-a-Girlfriend (2020 - )

Is jahad a irregular?

Since Jahad and the Heads of the 10 families entered from outside the Tower, they are technically irregulars as well (see Ashul Edwaru's comments in Of the Tower's Weapons from the author's blog, or Yu Hansung's comment in in Chapter 58 that an Irregular is "

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