What Did Emilia See In The Trial?

Does Emilia pass the trials?

However, with the encouragement and support of Subaru and several others, Emilia shatters his expectations by passing all 3 of Echidna's trials.

Why does Emilia have to pass the trial?

Theoretically, a person could confront their past outside of the trial, come to terms with it, and then pass the trial. However, the reason Emilia's doomed to fail is because she is unable to even remember her past much less confront it on her own terms.

Does Subaru tell Emilia about return by death?

Subaru tries to tell Emilia about his 'Return by Death', but just as he speaks, a black shadow with hands overwhelms him. Two days later, Beatrice also states that he has a strong smell of the witch about him, but Subaru asks her to guarantee his safety on the fourth night, to which she agrees.

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Does Subaru get unseen hand?

Subaru acquires a much weaker form of this ability which he calls Unseen Providence. Subaru is only able to control one hand at a short range using this ability.

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