What Do Taurus Struggle With?

What problems do Taurus have?

Taureans are particularly vulnerable to colds, coughs, sore throats, laryngitis, swollen glands, stiff necks, and to minor injuries around the neck. Moderate exercise and good diet should be a strict discipline in every Taurean's life.

What are Taurus weaknesses?

1. They Can Be Stubborn. If you know anything about zodiac sign stereotypes, then you probably know that Taureans can be quite stubborn. They like doing things their way, and they're usually not interested in taking advice or accepting help once they've made up their mind or committed to accomplishing something.

Why is life so hard for Taurus?

Taurus is self-centered.

The second sign in the zodiac often struggles to look outside of themselves. It's in their nature to put themselves first and protect their own interests at all costs. As an earth sign, they are dedicated, driven and hardworking.

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Are Taurus mentally unstable?

Taurus (April 20 - May 20): Most Unstable

They are clumsy in life, and mentally they are even worse; they have very short triggers and if they are either insulted or offended, they tend to go ballistic. They are highly unstable and will blow up like noxious gas if given the chance.

Can Taurus fight?

Taureans are stubborn but they won't pick up a fight unless you get into a disagreement with them. They can go on for hours and don't even like to admit if they are wrong, because they are overconfident of the fact that they are rarely mistaken.

Can Taurus physically fight?

The bull isn't a natural fighter, unless you threaten it. A Taurus isn't going to pick a fight with you, but if you get into a disagreement, get comfortable because it's going to go on for a while. You may not win a fight with a Taurus, so try to defuse it immediately or be prepared to give in.

Is Taurus emotionless?

From afar, Taurus might look cold and emotionless. They are so good at hiding their emotions that it's hard to get a hint about how they feel.

What signs do tauruses hate?

The most stubborn person of all the zodiac signs, Taurus tends to make Aquarius and Scorpio their biggest enemies. They all are always determined to get what they want.

What are people born in Taurus called?

One who is born under this sign. In all senses also called Bull. [Middle English, from Latin, bull, the constellation Taurus; see tauro- in Indo-European roots.]

What age does a Taurus fall in love?

Taurus, you'll probably meet your soulmate at an early age, maybe around 18. Of course, you're still too young to differentiate between what's love and what's curiosity.

What are the dark zodiac signs?

You should always keep in your mind that you should nevermore hurt others while on your way ruthless race.

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  • Are Taurus psychopaths?

    2. Taurus: The Thief Psychopath. These Taurean psychopaths have a huge chip on their shoulders and think that they've been ripped off by life. They're driven by envy and the need to take back what they think they've been robbed of.

    What is the nickname for Taurus?

    The name Taurus is a boy's name of Latin origin meaning "bull". His nickname would inevitably be Bull.

    What is a Taurus favorite season?

    Taurus' prosperity grows in the spring as they're inspired by the beauty of warm weather, blooming flowers and new life. Watching the cycle start over again also encourages them to look inward and remember all the things that drive them to work hard and do their best every day.

    Can a Taurus sing?

    When it comes to singing, Taurus is the whole package. Taurus tend to be great singers because of their vocal support which ensures their voice is never weak or feeble; the Taurus voice is strong with crystal clear notes that never waver.

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