What Do Truck Drivers Charge Per Mile?

What is the going rate per mile for trucking?

The latest data from the National Private Truck Council (NPTC) says the average trucking cost per mile in the U.S. for private fleets is $2.90. So, if one of your trucks drove 100,000 miles last year, you spent $290,000 to keep that single truck on the road.

What is total cost per mile for truckload carriers?

Industry averages for total driving labor expense per mile range from $0.49 to $0.83 ($0.67 per mile on average).

What Is Total Cost Per Mile For Truckload Carriers?

Expense Category Low Range High Range
Insurance $0.06 per Mile $0.18 per Mile
Variable Driving Expenses $0.01 per Mile $0.09 per Mile

How much is wear and tear per mile?

Notice 2021-02 also provides that, for cars an employee uses for business, the portion of the standard mileage rate treated as depreciation will be 26 cents per mile for 2021, down from 27 cents per mile in 2020.

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How do truck drivers calculate mileage?

What trucking companies pay the most per mile?

10 Best Paying Trucking Companies

Pay Per Hour
1. Sysco $41.92
2. Walmart $41.35
3. Epes Transport $40.35
4. Acme Truck Line $39.85

How much does a truck depreciate per mile?

According to some experts, mileage depreciation is about $0.08 a mile, but depreciation is more commonly measured in years than miles. If you want to calculate the depreciation for your vehicle it's best not to trust some broad percentage that's averaged out based on every make and model of vehicle.

Can you be reimbursed for mileage and gas?

Mileage reimbursement is intended to cover all the costs associated with operating a vehicle for business purposes, including wear and tear on the car as well as gas costs. Employers who reimburse mileage, should not also reimburse for gas or for oil changes. Mileage reimbursement should cover all of those expenses.

How are truckload rates calculated?

Truckload rates are arguably the simplest mode calculation, using a cost per mile traveled or a flat door-to-door rate. For the most part, the type and amount of product being shipped does not impact the truckload rate as long as the normal freight insurance is adequate and the total weight is under 45,000 lbs.

How much diesel does a truck use per mile?

Take the current per-gallon price of diesel ($2.10) and divide it by your truck's miles per gallon. So, $2.10 divided by 5.7 equals 36.84 cents. If you round that number up, you are spending 37 cents on fuel for every mile your truck travels.

How do I calculate depreciation per mile?

To calculate the cost per mile, take the average depreciation per year divided by the average miles per bus per year.

How do I calculate mileage depreciation?

Divide your specific vehicle type's cost number by 15,000, the average number of miles driven each year according to AAA. For example, if you drive a large sedan, divide 5,091 by 15,000 to get 0.3394. This tells you that your wear and tear cost is 33.94 cents per mile.

How much does 1000 miles devalue a car?

Here is the short answer: about 1% of the cars value when new for every 1000 miles. It's a rough estimate, but for the first 5–7 years, cars generally depreciate about 10% per year, at the rate of about 12k miles per year.

What does 58 cents cover mile?

58 cents per business mile. 20 cents per mile driven for medical purposes. 14 cents per mile driven in service of charitable organizations. 20 cents per mile for moving (only Armed Forces on active duty)

How do you price a load?


Let's say you've got a load that's headed to Miami from Atlanta. Depending on your exact pickup and drop-off locations, the distance is roughly 675 miles. If the rate is $3,500, the trucking freight rate would be $3,200 / 675 = 4.74.

What is the cost of freight?

Freight cost is the price incurred to ship your goods. Your freight cost is determined by a number of variables, such as how far your shipment needs to go, what its density or volume is, whether or not accessorials are needed, as well as fluctuating fuel costs and truck capacity.

How much is full truck load?

Truckload: A full truckload shipment can range from 24 to 30 pallets and up. With truckload freight, the space your shipment takes up in the trailer has more of an impact than weight, so truckload shipments commonly range from 5,000 pounds to 45,000 pounds and up.

What is a good mpg for a truck?

2022 Most and Least Fuel Efficient Trucks, Vans, and SUVs

Most Efficient Trucks, Vans, and SUVs by EPA Size Class (excluding electric vehicles)
EPA Class Vehicle Combined MPG
Standard Pickup Trucks GMC Sierra 2WD 3.0 L, 6 cyl, Automatic 10-spd, Turbo, Diesel 26
Ram 1500 2WD 3.0 L, 6 cyl, Automatic 8-spd, Turbo, Diesel 26

How many miles per gallon does a truck get?

Smaller trucks (10 through 14 feet) typically get between the average of 8 to 10 miles per gallon. Medium trucks (15 through 19 feet) usually get around 6 to 8 miles per gallon. Larger trucks (over 20 feet) will get about 4 to 6 miles per gallon.

How many miles per gallon of gas does a freight truck use?

The fuel efficiency for a freight truck can be estimated in a similar way. For example, a heavy-duty diesel truck hauling 19 tons of freight a distance of 500 miles would consume approximately 71 gallons of diesel fuel, assuming an average 7 miles per gallon truck fuel economy and a typical truck payload of 19 tons.

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