What Do U Love Most About Life?

What do people love about their life?

They know how to be a positive influence on others.

People who love their lives know that their life is an example for the world. They know that other people are watching them, and they try to be the best they can be. They only want to spread happiness and joy, and to model good behavior.

What do u love the most?

  • My husband, who my main man and best friend.
  • Meeting people who inspire me with their spunk, spirit and passion – even when they don't realise it!
  • Learning new things.
  • Travel.
  • Sleep ins and naps. This girl loves her sleep and she loves to sleep in.
  • Comfy shoes.
  • Having red hair.
  • Dogs.
  • What do I want most in life?

    Spiritual/Emotional Things

  • Have at least one true best friend.
  • Feel relief from social judgment.
  • Reconcile with an enemy.
  • Be remembered in a positive way after death.
  • Know that you made a difference in someone else's life.
  • Feel important to others.
  • Know yourself and feel centered.
  • Live each day without regret.
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    What do I love the most about myself?

    Here are a few things you should be able to say to let your life be your voice.

  • I followed my heart.
  • I believe in myself.
  • I live by high standards.
  • I treat others the way I want to be treated.
  • I understand how precious time is.
  • I look for positivity in all things.
  • I trust my intuition.
  • I speak up.
  • What are 5 things you love about me?

    120 Reasons Why I Love You:

  • I love the way you look at me.
  • You make me feel like I'm the only person in the world.
  • With you I can be myself.
  • I love you because we are family and friends at the same time.
  • When we're together, all my problems disappear.
  • You make my heart smile.
  • You know me better than I know myself..
  • What are five things you love to do?

    20 Things You Enjoy Doing

  • Reading.
  • Going the the library and bookstores.
  • Singing and listening to music.
  • Dancing.
  • Scrapbooking.
  • Genealogy.
  • Hiking.
  • Biking.
  • Why do we need to love life?

    Countless opportunities. If you assume there are problems in life, your approach is quite wrong. Instead, there are opportunities. Everywhere around us there are chances to learn, grow ,meet new people, start better jobs, earn money, become independent, look better, improve, overcome fear, etc.

    What are the life goals?

    What Are Life Goals? Life goals are all the things you want to accomplish in your life. Often your life goals are very meaningful to you and can make a lasting impact on your life. They can be large and challenging goals, or they can be smaller and more personal.

    What is your life purpose?

    Your life purpose consists of the central motivating aims of your life—the reasons you get up in the morning. Purpose can guide life decisions, influence behavior, shape goals, offer a sense of direction, and create meaning. For some people, purpose is connected to vocation—meaningful, satisfying work.

    What are 10 things you would like to accomplish in life?

    10 Goals You Should Accomplish in 10 Years

  • Marriage and Family Harmony.
  • Proper Mindset and Balance.
  • Commitment to Improved Physical Health.
  • Career Passion and Personal Satisfaction.
  • Develop Empathy and Gentleness.
  • Financial Stability.
  • Service and Social Responsibility.
  • Stress-Busting Leisure Time.
  • What do you love about him?


  • His smile. he's got a really cute one.
  • He's thoughtful. surprise flowers at the office.
  • He knows how to make me laugh. like, a lot.
  • He's a good listener.
  • He's Mr.
  • He always drives –
  • He's a big family guy –
  • He always opens the door for me –
  • What do u like about a person?

    25 Qualities That Make People Instantly Like You

  • They are welcoming.
  • They make me feel good.
  • They are generous.
  • They don't take themselves too seriously.
  • They aren't fake.
  • They are openminded.
  • They aren't super serious.
  • They have good manners.
  • What are 3 things you love about yourself?

    20 Things I Freaking Love About Myself

  • I love my freckles.
  • I love the birth mark on my right arm.
  • I make the best mint chocolate chip cookies.
  • I love my clothes folding ability.
  • I am caring.
  • I am a loyal friend—a real one.
  • I like to make people smile.
  • What are positive things about yourself?


  • I am valuable.
  • I love myself for who I am.
  • I am worthy.
  • I forgive myself for past failures.
  • I can do this.
  • I am strong.
  • I have courage.
  • I am proud of myself.
  • What makes you the most happy and why?

    Most studies on what makes people happy agree that family and relationships rank right at the top. Next come meaningful work, positive thinking, and the ability to forgive. In rough order of importance, here are the top 10 things you can do to increase happiness in your life.

    What do you love examples?

    100 Things I Love

  • Going to the city with my little family the week of Thanksgiving.
  • Sunny days.
  • The first snow.
  • A house full of people.
  • Routine.
  • Laying on the couch watching movies.
  • Foot rubs.
  • The smell of a spice shop.
  • How do you love what you do?

  • Motivate yourself to face the day.
  • Put your work in perspective.
  • Create an enjoyable work environment.
  • Make your breaks count.
  • Plan your time well.
  • Switch off once you leave work.
  • What love of life means?

    Meaning. the person who is loved most by someone in all their life. the person someone wants to spend the rest of their life with. the person that someone cannot stop loving come what may.

    How do I love my life?

  • Choose happiness.
  • Live in the moment.
  • Be your own best friend.
  • Make every day special.
  • Fill your time with things that matter.
  • Make those “lost hours” count.
  • Become a problem solver.
  • Know your limits.
  • What is your dream life?

    My dream life is to become aware. My dream life is to be able to cry, breakdown with no reason and not be judged by the people I trust. My dream life is to be unconditionally loved by my close ones. My dream life is to spend as much quality time as I can with my family.

    What is your plan in life?

    A life plan is a living, breathing document that requires periodic attention to ensure it accurately reflects your life. It is your own personal guide to how you want to live, what is important to you and what you need to do to achieve the life you want.

    How do you understand life?

    To live your life to the best of your ability, understand what's happened all the days up to now, and make use of any lessons you've learned. Do, however, keep a keen eye on where you want to go and who you want to be, since it is with solid goals in mind that you will be able to fully live and appreciate life.

    What is love for you answer?

    Love means knowing that no matter what, you have someone to count on. It's unconditional and makes you feel good on the inside. You can trust the person you love and are comfortable around them. It's like your heart tells you that it is good for you.

    What I like about my best friend?

    A best friend is so special because they stay by your side through thick and thin. They know all of your secrets, have seen you at your worst, forgiven you for your mistakes, and STILL show up the next morning. A best friend is so special because you have time invested in your relationship.

    Why do you love your partner?

    One of the reasons you may love your partner is their confident nature. They're not only sure in themselves; they know that they love you. They look at you and say, "no matter what I love you." It would be great to feel like you're the most loved person in the room.

    What can a girl like in a guy?

  • Confidence. Confidence is probably the number one thing that girls look for in boys.
  • Good Grooming. If a guy wants to get a teenage girl's attention, he should follow basic grooming standards, such as showering, wearing deodorant, and wearing clean clothes.
  • Good Sense of Humor.
  • Easy to Talk to.
  • Physical Attraction.
  • Respect.
  • What do I like about u?

    120 Reasons Why I Love You:

  • I love the way you look at me.
  • You make me feel like I'm the only person in the world.
  • With you I can be myself.
  • I love you because we are family and friends at the same time.
  • When we're together, all my problems disappear.
  • You make my heart smile.
  • You know me better than I know myself..
  • What do I want in a person?

    No person is perfect, of course, but here are eight key qualities to look for in a partner:

  • Emotional Maturity. Every person comes equipped with flaws and emotional baggage.
  • Openness.
  • Honesty.
  • Respectful and Sensitive.
  • Independent.
  • Empathetic.
  • Physically Affectionate.
  • Funny.
  • What is positive life?

    A positive lifestyle refers to the positive attitude. It means focusing on the positive aspects of life and not worrying about the negative things in life. It also refers to living at the moment and not dwelling in the past or worrying about future.

    How can I improve myself in life?

  • Cultivate gratitude.
  • Greet everyone you meet.
  • Try a digital detox.
  • Use positive self-talk.
  • Practice random acts of kindness.
  • Eat at least one meal mindfully.
  • Get enough sleep.
  • Breathe consciously.
  • What gets you excited about life?

    I get to spend my days doing what excites me most: and finding new creative, innovative ways to do it. I am continually surprised by what I find myself doing each day, and always stretching myself and learning something new. I live with excitement a regular part of my life. You need to be doing the same.

    What are 3 things that make you happy?

    The Three Things We All Need for a Happy Life

  • Someone to love.
  • Something to do.
  • Something to look forward to.
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