What Do You Say To A Middle School Graduation?

What do you say to someone in middle school graduation?


  • We are so proud of you and all that you've accomplished in Middle School.
  • We know you will continue to achieve great things in High School and beyond.
  • We are so proud of you.
  • I am so proud of your accomplishments this year.
  • You have grown into a beautiful person, inside and out!
  • What do you say for 8th grade graduation?

    8th Grade Graduation Sentiments

  • You've crossed the bridge of middle school. Now off to high school you go.
  • No longer a little boy, you've grown into a man.
  • You've gotten through the middle and now you're on the top.
  • Three years ago you were our little girl, but today she is no more.
  • You've graduated middle school.
  • How do you write a 8th grade graduation speech?

  • Introduce yourself.
  • Share your first memories and impressions at the school.
  • Reflect on your experience and tell what you enjoyed about it.
  • Talk about your teachers and other students.
  • Discuss your prospects for the future.
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    Why is 8th grade so important?

    Students are learning more about themselves as well as their talents and abilities. It is also a crucial year for them to gain – or lose – self-confidence and motivation. Students who find success in the 8th grade, whether it be in a subject, sport and/or club, tend to experience more success in the later grades.

    What should a 5th grader say at graduation?

    5th Grade Graduation Quotes

  • “I'm graduated!
  • “Graduations are life markers.
  • “Make the most of your graduation…may you win in the rat race of life.” -Unknown.
  • “With a successful graduation, comes bigger challenges and obstacles in life.
  • What do you get a boy for 8th grade graduation?

    20+ 8th Grade Graduation Gift Ideas

  • One: money – always a win. Cash, gift card or be creative such as gifting a money lei.
  • Two: Chromebook or laptop.
  • Three: iPad.
  • Four: School gear for their new high school.
  • Five: upgraded or new phone.
  • Six: watch.
  • Seven: wallet.
  • Eight: jewelry – simple gold chain, silver cuff bracelet.
  • How old is a 8th grader?

    13 years old
    Student Age (as of September 1, 2021) American Grade Equivalent
    13 years old Grade 8
    12 years old Grade 7
    11 years old Grade 6
    10 years old Grade 5

    What GPA should an 8th grader have?

    In fact, only those students who leave eighth grade with GPAs of at least 3.0 have even a moderate chance of earning a 3.0 GPA in high school, the threshold for being considered college-bound. A 3.5 middle school GPA was found to give students about a 50 percent chance of college success.

    Do colleges look at 8th grade grades?

    No, colleges will not look at your grades from middle school. Colleges focus on your grades from high school, which will be shown on your high school transcript.

    What are some good sayings?

    100 Best Quotes of All Time

  • “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.”
  • “If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door.”
  • “The best way to predict the future is to invent it.”
  • “If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else.”
  • How do you write a graduation speech?

    To deliver a graduation speech, work on writing something both memorable and meaningful, practice beforehand, memorize the bulk of your speech but give yourself clear notes, use engaging body language, and speak at a slow yet natural pace.

    What do you say in a high school graduation speech?

  • Paths through life.
  • Overcoming obstacles.
  • Classmates as individuals.
  • Friends and friendship.
  • Looking back to the early years.
  • Memories of high school.
  • Thanks.
  • Advice.
  • How do you write a short graduation speech?

  • Thank the Previous Speaker. Begin with gratitude and grace.
  • Introduce Yourself. Don't ever assume people in the room will know who you are.
  • Share a Motivational Quote.
  • Share Some Good Advice.
  • Recall the Good Times.
  • Restate Your Motivational Quote.
  • Create a Call to Action.
  • Thank Everyone.
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