What Does UU Mean In Roblox?

What does UU mean in gaming?

Under Used (gaming)

What does JK mean in Roblox?

JK stands for “just kidding.” It's used to indicate that something you just said is a joke and is not meant to be taken seriously.

What does this face mean u u?

What does uwu mean? Uwu is an emoticon depicting a cute face. It is used to express various warm, happy, or affectionate feelings.

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What is UU Pokemon?

Tiers are normally ranked as follows. OU (Overused) UU (Underused) RU (Rarely Used) NU (Never Used)

What does TTYL mean dirty?

90. TTYL– Talk to you later.

What does hows mean in text?

How's is defined as how is, how does or how has.

What does UU mean in pants size?

The UU is the un-hemmed model. When you buy these you have to take them to a tailor shop to have the length sewn to your precise measurements and specifications.

What does UU mean in Smogon?

Underused (UU)

This weakness is based on a combination of stats, typing, movepool, and ability that restricts effective use of those particular Pokemon in the standard metagame. In UU play, Pokemon above the UU tier are banned, meaning NU (and RU in BW) Pokemon are still allowed to participate.

What does RUBL mean in Pokemon?

Composition. RUBL (RarelyUsed Banlist) is the banlist for RU and is not a playable tier. RUBL Pokémon are not UU by usage (i.e., they do not have above 3.41% usage in UU) but cannot be used in RU.

Is Zacian banned?

And Ubers's suspect test has ended! With the 66.6% supermajority having been met, Zacian is no longer allowed in the format, and joins its crowned counterpart in AG!

What does TTYS mean in text?

The abbreviation TTYS means "Talk to You Soon."

What does PUR mean in Roblox?

The Brief: "Purr" is used to signal finality, as well as, excitement and/or approval.

Is hows a word?

Other definitions for how (2 of 2)

interjection Facetious.

How is it going abbreviation?

HIG. Also found in: Idioms.

What does it mean when someone calls you Hoss?

(US, slang, Southeast) A big person, usually a man; a person who has size comparable to that of a horse.

What does 1ps mean in size?

Showing 1-1 of 1 answers. The PS means plus size.

What size is 52 in coveralls?

Coverall Sizing

Size 34 52
A. Chest 34 52
B. Waist 28 48
C. Sleeve - Reg 311/2 36
C. Sleeve - Tall 321/2 37

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