What Is A Mail Carrier Assistant

How many hours do mail carrier assistants work?

At least 40 hours, but up to 72 hours per week. They can make you work 12 hour days, 6 days a week.

How much do carrier assistants make at USPS?

How much does a City Carrier Assistant at US Postal Service make? The typical US Postal Service City Carrier Assistant salary is $19 per hour. City Carrier Assistant salaries at US Postal Service can range from $6 - $60,408 per hour.

What is the difference between city carrier and city carrier assistant?

City Carrier is a full-time career position that comes with the famous complete Postal benefits package. Casual City Carrier and Temporary Carrier Assistant jobs are similar to City Carrier Assistant jobs except that they cannot lead directly into career positions.

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How much do carrier assistants make?

City Carrier Assistant in Los Angeles, CA Area Salaries

Job Title Location Salary
US Postal Service City Carrier Assistant salaries - 36 salaries reported Los Angeles, CA Area $19/hr
US Postal Service City Carrier Assistant salaries - 14 salaries reported Los Angeles, CA Area $19/hr

Whats it like being a mail carrier?

A typical day at work is doing the exact same thing over and over. You never know what time you're going to get off. Even if you finish your work early, you'll probably just have to go out and help someone else. Its extremely boring, the weather makes it insufferable, and don't even get me started on Christmas season.

Is CCAs full time?

CCAs are paid time and one-half for all work over 8 hours in a service day and over 40 hours in a service week. This is referred to as regular over- time. CCAs are paid double time for all work over 10 hours in a service day and over 56 hours in a ser- vice week. This is referred to as penalty overtime.

Is working as a CCA worth it?

Not worth it

Lack of training, lack of supervision, and lack of management most of all. They would much rather prefer to help out the so-called supervisors and regular carriers. If hired as a CCA, be prepared to be drained all days of the week and have management treat you like children and kill your self esteem.

How far does a mail carrier walk?

City and rural mail carriers are official, unionized employees of the United States Postal Service. Highway contract route carriers are private contractors. Some mail carriers walk up to 10 miles each day. All mail carriers start their day by arriving at a sorting facility to pick up the mail for their routes.

Is a mail carrier a good job?

Serving as a mailman, also known as a mail carrier, is a great opportunity for people who like to spend time outside. Although the job is physically demanding, the pay and benefits are decent. You can start work with the United States Postal Service right out of high school as long as you pass the appropriate exams.

What is a mail carrier salary?

Mail Carrier Salaries

Job Title Salary
US Postal Service Mail Carrier salaries - 715 salaries reported $20/hr
US Postal Service Mail Carrier salaries - 52 salaries reported $19/hr
US Postal Service Mail Carrier salaries - 10 salaries reported $27/hr
USPS.com Mail Carrier salaries - 9 salaries reported $47,098/yr

How hard is it to become a mail carrier?

Becoming a mail carrier is not an easy process, as it is a highly competitive job. Take each step seriously and practice hard for the test and interview to ensure success.

How long does it take to be hired by USPS?

From applying to orientation it was about 5 weeks. About 3 weeks for the background check and fingerprinting to clear. If you know your past is good and you've done everything correctly, just try and trust in the process.

What is the best job at the post office?

High Paying Post Office Jobs

  • Route Carrier. Salary range: $32,000-$52,500 per year.
  • Postal Service Window Clerk. Salary range: $24,500-$47,000 per year.
  • Postal Inspector. Salary range: $27,000-$47,000 per year.
  • Postal Service Clerk.
  • Mailing Specialist.
  • Postal Worker.
  • Mail Carrier.
  • Post Office Clerk.
  • Can you retire from USPS after 10 years?

    If you're at your MRA with less than 10 years of service, you're eligible for a deferred retirement at 62, as explained above. If you're at your MRA with at least 10 years but less than 20 years of service, if you wait until age 62 to apply the retirement benefit, the age reduction penalty will be eliminated.

    What benefits do postal workers get?

    Postal career employees enjoy excellent benefits, including annual and sick leave that can be accumulated, the opportunity to donate leave, basic life insurance paid for by the Postal Service with additional options at the employee's cost, pretax health benefits with most of the cost paid by the Postal Service, pretax

    What holidays do CCAs get off?

    City carrier assistants (CCAs) receive holiday pay for six holidays per year: New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Indepen- dence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. CCAs in offices designated as having 200 workyears receive eight hours pay, while those in POStPlan offices re- ceive four hours.

    How many days a week does a city carrier assistant work?

    2 answers. You can work from 7:30am till probably 10:00pm. Sometimes 7 days a week. CCA basically you do a route and while the Regulars can say no and go home you pick up all of the extra work.

    How long is USPS CCA training?

    This training is scheduled for four days. The most exciting parts so far were casing mail and playing with the scanner, if that tells you anything. Prepare yourself for ridiculously boring powerpoints about the intricacies of different types of mail.

    Is CCA a permanent job?

    If you show up and work you will get a permanent position. You just have to wait for retirements. You can transfer anywhere in the country.

    How long do you have to work at USPS to retire?

    How Many Years Do You Have to Work for the Post Office to Retire? To be eligible for retirement annuities, a federal worker must have at least 5 years of creditable civilian service and 20 years of service.

    Do mail carriers get paid mileage?

    Rural carriers use personal vehicles and receive a mileage reimbursement alongside regular pay. Rural route length can exceed 150 miles, and can include hundreds of individual mailboxes. The salary schedule for a mailman is based on a combination of miles driven, mailboxes serviced and vehicle exits.

    What time do mail carriers start work?

    Most carriers begin work early in the morning, in some cases as early as 4 a.m. if they have routes in the business district.

    How long is a mail carrier route?

    What is a postal carrier route? A postal carrier route is a group of mailing addresses (i.e. neighborhoods) that receive the same USPSĀ® code to aid in mail delivery efficiency. How are carrier routes identified? Complete postal carrier route codes are 9 digits long.

    Is being a postal worker stressful?

    It can be an aggressive atmosphere and no matter what you need to stick up for yourself or you will be crushed. My stressful part Is not getting recognized for my hard word but get put to work more and the lazy gets to come to work and be relaxed because supervisors let them be.

    Why do I want to be a mail carrier?

    Working as a mail career is one of the most attractive federal jobs since it offers a good pay with additional benefits. Furthermore, mail carriers get plenty of sick and annual leave. They also get holiday leave so they can travel to their favorite destination to relax and spend quality time with their loved ones.

    How much do mail carriers make a week?

    What Is the Average Mail Carrier Salary by State

    State Annual Salary Weekly Pay
    California $29,314 $564
    Vermont $29,312 $564
    Kansas $29,272 $563
    South Carolina $28,812 $554
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