What Is A Silent Violin?

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Are Silent Violins really silent?

It's one of our most frequently asked questions: "Does the Silent violin make any sound?" The answer is simple: yes it does. Every solid body electric violin we sell is relatively quiet when played unplugged and considerably more quiet than any acoustic violin.

Why are violins silent?

Silent violins have an input jack that lets you plug your CD or MP3 player directly into the instrument. This enables you to play along and practice with your favorite CDs – and no one else even needs to hear a thing. Output. Silent violins don't have to be silent if you don't want them to be!

Can you play violin silently?

Use A Silent Violin

You will only hear the sound of the bow on the strings. Silent violins are able to be played quietly making them great for practice but they can also be plugged into an amplifier for performances and those times you can enjoy louder music. A silent violin is a good option but it is expensive.

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How loud are silent violins?

Mute Electric Sound
Natural acoustic 90 dBA
Tourte Mute 80 dBA
Big Rubber Mute 78 dBA
Metal Mute Hollow Body electric violin 70 dBA

How do you mute a violin to practice?

Are electric violins silent with headphones?

Musical instruments have an extremely high impedance, while headphones have a very low impedance. The electrical signal produced by an electric violin is therefore incompatible with headphones. Without an electronic circuit, headphones will not be able to control the impedance of an electric violin.

Does an electric violin make sound?

It produces sound by vibration of the strings and by the instrument body itself. The electric violin is a solid body, because of this it naturally produces very little sound and requires the instrument to be plugged into amplifiers to produce sounds loud enough to perform.

What is an electric violin called?

An electric violin is a violin equipped with an electronic output of its sound. It can also refer to a violin fitted with an electric pickup of some type, although "amplified violin" or "electro-acoustic violin" are more accurate in that case.

How quiet can you make a violin?

Can my neighbors hear my violin?

They can probably hear you if they are perfectly silent, but as soon as you turn a radio on they can't. Don't worry about it.

How can I play an instrument quietly?

Can you play electric violin without an amp?

Do I need an amplifier? Not necessarily. Many people buy electric violins as quiet practice instruments, in which case you can use headphones. Depending on the violin you may need a little headphone amp to power them but you don't necessarily need an amp for home practice.

What is a silent guitar used for?

The body of the guitar does not amplify the vibration of the strings into audible sound. Thanks to this, musicians can practice with headphones without disturbing people around them, or obtain an acoustic tone under heavy amplification without feedback.

What is the difference between an electric violin and a regular violin?

A classical violin has a sound box that amplifies the sound produced by the vibration of the strings in a natural way. An electric violin does not have a sound box. In order to hear the sound played, electric violins need to be amplified through an external device such as an amplifier or speakers.

Is electric violin good for beginner?

Cons Most musicians will not recommend electric violins as a beginner instrument and most teachers would rather teach you on an acoustic. The feel of an electric violin also will not be the same. Unamplified, electric violins will produce a very muted, tinny sound that is not great for practicing.

What kind of violin mute should I get?

The tourte-round violin mute is small and easy to slide into place. It is a popular mute that violinists in an orchestra would use. The wire slide-on violin mute would slide up to the bridge, making it a good option for when muting in an orchestra. The Finissima violin mute slides up to the bridge easily.

How loud is a fiddle?

At full volume, an acoustic violin can range from 78 to 95 dB. That's just loud enough to require ear protection if you're playing for more than an hour, but still soft enough to be drowned out by a band.

Do electric violins need Rosin?

Rosin is essential to any musician who plays a fretted string instrument such as violin and cello. It is also compulsory for any electric violin or viola. Without rosin, the hair of the bow will slide across the strings and won't provide enough friction to produce any sound.

What is the order of strings on a violin?

The open strings on a violin are tuned to the following pitches, from lowest to highest: G, D, A, E. (Each string sounds a perfect fifth above the one below it.) The first stop on the fingerboard will produce a note that is one whole tone higher than the open string. These notes are A, E, B, and F#.

What is the best violin brand?

The Best Violin Brands and Models

Rank Brand / Model
1. D Z Strad Model 301
2. Nikola Zubak by Kennedy
3. Stentor 1500
4. Bunnel Pupil by Kennedy

How quiet is a silent cello?

I admit that a silent cello would definitely be the quietest approach since all you will hear is the sounds of strings vibrating. Without an acoustic body to amplify and enrich the sound, the difference is comparable to singing with your full voice and whispering.

Why do electric violins have 5 strings?

The five-string violin was created as a solution for improvisers that allowed musicians to combine the pitch ranges of the violin and viola. Due to the size limitations of a five-string violin, the low C string typically resonates slightly softer than the other strings.

Do all violins sound the same?

First and second violin

The instrument however is the same. The difference is that they play a different part. Usually the first violins play higher and have more melodies. The second violins play a bit lower and have a 'middle' part.

Why does my violin sound so loud?

The violin player puts near continuous energy into the string, essentially hitting it with the bow tens to hundreds of times per second, matching the frequency of the string. Through friction, the string is constantly attacked and you hear the loudest moment continuously, so it sounds louder.

Why is a violin so loud?

When violin strings vibrate they make the bridge and top plate vibrate. The soundpost transfers the energy to the back and sets it into motion. Instruments that are constructed in a way that reduces resistance will transfer the energy efficiently and are loud.

Can you mute an electric violin?

Putting a mute on will soften the vibration of the bridge but not really make it much quieter. The tone will suffer quite a bit and sound even duller than the electric does already. If you need to be quiet, try getting a big cardboard box and put it over your head/violin and turn on a loud fan to mask any other noise.

Are you allowed to play loud music in your garden?

Avoid playing music so loud that your neighbours can hear it and keep the bass level down. Try to position any speakers away from adjoining walls, floors and ceilings. Loud music in the garden is more likely to cause a problem to your neighbours - try and keep it at or below conversation level or wear headphones.

How do you practice fluet quietly?

How can I practice singing without annoying Neighbours?

What is the quietest musical instrument?

The guqin is a very quiet instrument, with a range of about four octaves, and its open strings are tuned in the bass register.


String instrument
Volume quiet
Related instruments
Ichigenkin, geomungo

What is the quietest instrument to learn?

An electric violin is very quiet. Some with chambered bodies are loud enough to be heard by other people in the same room; some (the "skeleton" type) are only just loud enough for the player to hear in a quiet room.

What are some quiet instruments?

Here, we list five electric instruments you can use to practice quietly.

  • Electric Guitar. While guitars aren't typically noisy instruments, an electric guitar will come in handy if you're sharing a practice space with other people.
  • Electric Keyboard.
  • Electric Drums.
  • Electric Violin.
  • Digital Saxophone.
  • Does Yamaha sell violins?

    About Violins

    As one of the most popular and diverse musical instruments in the world the violin can be found in a variety of different styles and sizes. Most major violin manufacturers sell their violins in this way including Bellafina Cremona and Yamaha.

    How much is a good electric violin?

    Electric violins range from around $100 for the cheapest models to about $5,000 at the top end. Tip: When shopping for your first electric violin, don't forget to leave space in your budget for a good quality amplifier and maybe even a multi-effects processor!

    How can I play guitar without disturbing neighbors?

  • Practice Electric Guitar With Headphones.
  • Practice Electric Guitar Without an Amp.
  • Dampen Your Acoustic Guitar With a T-Shirt.
  • Use an Acoustic Guitar Feedback Dampener.
  • Use an Acoustic Guitar Silencer.
  • Buy a Silent Travel Guitar.
  • Use Palm Muting.
  • Is Yamaha silent guitar good for beginners?

    Ideally, this guitar is for intermediate and experienced acoustic or classical guitar players. Even though it's technically a practice guitar, I don't thoroughly recommend it to beginners.

    Is the silent guitar acoustic?

    The compact and lightweight Silent Guitar is the perfect instrument for practice, travel, and live performance. Although ultra-quiet acoustically, the Studio Response Technology (SRT) Powered preamp system delivers natural-sounding acoustic tone through headphones or the line output.

    Which is the best violin for beginners?

  • Arctic Apex Violin Kit -Solid wood Violin 4/4 with case, bow & Rosin.
  • Arctic Neo Violin Kit – Violin 4/4 with case, bow & Rosin.
  • The Violin Store Intermediate New 4/4 Violin.
  • Kadence Vivaldi Violin VIV101G Solid Spruce Top and Glossy Body.
  • Mendini 4/4 Mv300 Solid Wood Violin.
  • Are Yamaha violins good?

    Yamaha is world-renowned for being a high-quality musical manufacturer. In fact, Yamaha is credited with shipping the first CD player and makes great piano keyboards. Yamaha violins are an excellent option for anyone that is looking for a reliable and affordable musical instrument.

    What is the difference between a silent and electric violin?

    With a SILENT Violin you have two functions: practice with headphones, or you can plug it into your amp. A Yamaha Electric (YEV) Series violin has one main function — plug in and play amplified.

    Are Silent Violins really silent?

    It's one of our most frequently asked questions: "Does the Silent violin make any sound?" The answer is simple: yes it does. Every solid body electric violin we sell is relatively quiet when played unplugged and considerably more quiet than any acoustic violin.

    Are Silent Violins good for beginners?

    Beginners should look for acoustic violins

    Also, teachers would prefer if you had an acoustic violin. The main reason why acoustic violins are better for beginners is that they produce a resonant sound, unlike the electric violin which uses technology and wires to make the sound. This sound is not great for practicing.

    How do you mute a violin at home?

    What are practice mutes for?

    Through careful design, It has created a practice mute that stops nearly all sound while retaining a stable pitch, accurate intonation and the ideal level of resistance. Whether they are being used in teaching or practicing, it practice mutes can bring the sound to the edge of silence.

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