What Is A White Paper Example

What is an example of a white paper?

A white paper is an in-depth report or guide about a specific topic and the problems that surround it. It is meant to educate readers and help them to understand and solve an issue. One famous example is the Churchill White Paper, commissioned by Winston Churchill in 1922.

What is considered a white paper?

A white paper, also written as "whitepaper", is an informational document usually issued by a company or not-for-profit organization to promote or highlight the features of a solution, product, or service that it offers or plans to offer.

What do you write on a white paper?

A white paper is a deeply researched report on a specific topic that presents a solution to a problem within an industry. It is usually written by a company to illustrate their knowledge and expertise through facts and evidence; however, it should not advertise or endorse a company's product.

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What is a blue paper?

A blue paper sets out technical specifications of a technology or item of equipment. A yellow paper is a document containing research that has not yet been formally accepted or published in an academic journal. It is synonymous with the more widely used term preprint.

How do you structure a white paper?

The challenge, which is your audience's pain points. An overview, which explains what you will highlight in the white paper and define the terms you're going to use. The body, where you'll discuss the topic, its solutions and quantifiable data/statistics. The conclusion, where you'll wrap up what the reader has learned.

What is the difference between a white paper and a research paper?

A whitepaper is longer and covers a topic in more detail. It gives an in-depth view, and can often include more research. According to DemandGen Report, in the past 12 months B2B buyers used whitepapers to make 82% of their purchasing decisions. So even though they take more work, they're often worth it.

What is the difference between a white paper and a green paper?

WHITE PAPERS are issued by the Government as statements of policy, and often set out proposals for legislative changes, which may be debated before a Bill is introduced. GREEN PAPERS set out for discussion, proposals which are still at a formative stage.

What is government white paper?

A government white paper is a document putting forward proposals for law-making in a policy area. It serves as a way the government comes up with, and presents policy preferences before it introduces legislation.

How do you write a white paper for college?

  • Identify the main problem your audience is facing and form a solution to the problem.
  • Choose the most acceptable style for your target audience.
  • Write an introduction.
  • List additional smaller problems.
  • Offer basic solutions.
  • How do you title a white paper?

  • Title tip #1: Understand the title is critical.
  • Title tip #2: Learn to spot tired titles.
  • Title tip #3: Consider using a number.
  • Title tip #4: Take time to find a dynamic name.
  • Title tip #5: Stress the benefits for readers.
  • Why is it called white paper?

    The term originated when government papers were coded by color to indicate distribution, with white designated for public access. Thus, white papers are used in politics and business, as well as in technical fields, to educate readers and help people make decisions.

    How do you write a white paper introduction?

  • Build a template. Consider who your audience is and how your brand can help solve their problems.
  • Hook readers with a title.
  • Write an impactful introduction.
  • Organize subsections to stay on track.
  • Write first, edit second, and proofread extensively.
  • How do you break into a white paper?

  • Let your existing clients know what white papers are, how they work and why their business needs one. Show them the sample white papers you've created.
  • Look for business owners who are getting articles or brochures written.
  • Write one for less.
  • How long should white papers be?

    White papers are usually PDF downloads of 3,000 to 5,000 words. A good white paper is based on established facts and logical arguments, like a well-researched article in an industry journal. A white paper generally takes 4 to 6 weeks of intense effort by a group of people.

    What is a pink paper?

    A parliamentary paper or schedule issued regularly, giving details of all papers presented to Parliament or printed since the date of the last such schedule.

    What is a green paper law?

    A Green Paper is a Government publication that details specific issues, and then points out possible courses of action in terms of policy and legislation. White Papers are issued by the Government as statements of policy, and often set out proposals for legislative changes or the introduction of new laws.

    What is technical white paper?

    A white paper is an authoritative guide or report that explains the benefits of a particular technology, product or policy. White papers are commonly used to describe the theory behind a new technology of computer methodology.

    Does a white paper need a conclusion?

    White papers generally have the following sections: The abstract or executive summary — You may be tempted to put your conclusion at the end, but a white paper needs to grab the reader immediately.

    Can I cite a white paper?

    A white paper that has been retrieved from an online source should be cited like this: Institute name/organization represented. (Year of Publication). Title [White paper].

    Is a white paper a journal article?

    On the surface, commercial white papers and scientific papers published in journals appear similar. They are both presented with an emphasis on narrative rather than design, so neither will have flashy artwork or photographs and statistics are presented in black and white tables or graphs.

    What is a GREY paper?

    "Grey literature stands for manifold document types produced on all levels of government, academics, business and industry in print and electronic formats that are protected by intellectual property rights, of sufficient quality to be collected and preserved by libraries and institutional repositories, but not

    What is the difference between white paper and yellow paper?

    A good whitepaper will demonstrate some evidence of viability, and the resolution of a technical problem or use case of a technology application. In contrast a yellow paper should go some way to prove, or demonstrate, a theoretical scientific framework and any related research.

    Which comes first green or white paper?

    A green paper usually presents a range of ideas and is meant to invite interested individuals or organizations to contribute views and information. It may be followed by a white paper, an official set of proposals that is used as a vehicle for their development into law.

    What is a white paper in Canada?

    The 1969 White Paper (formally known as the “Statement of the Government of Canada on Indian Policy, 1969”) was a Canadian government policy paper that attempted to abolish previous legal documents relating to Indigenous peoples in Canada, including the Indian Act and treaties.

    How many types of white paper are there?

    There are three types of white papers that are commonly used by companies: Benefits of the business – A case study of how a business process or specific technology can increase productivity. Technology – Discusses a specific technology and its benefits.

    Which four are essential components of a white paper?

    8 Essential Elements of an Effective White Paper

  • Clear Goals.
  • A Concise Summary.
  • Data Transparency.
  • Qualitative Data.
  • Logical Flow.
  • Data Visualization.
  • The “Why” Element.
  • A Launch Plan.
  • How do you write a financial white paper?

  • Choose a Strong Topic.
  • Start with an Outline.
  • Write in a Fun and Professional Tone.
  • Write First, Edit Second.
  • Write a Whitepaper as Part of a Broader Strategy.
  • Recycle Content.
  • Market Your Whitepaper.
  • What is Cryptocurrency white paper?

    Easy. A document released by a crypto project that gives investors technical information about its concept, and a roadmap for how it plans to grow and succeed.

    What is another word for white paper?

    In this page you can discover 14 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for white paper, like: technical paper, official statement, in depth analysis, in depth account, position-paper, command-paper, state paper, document, pronouncement, government report and authoritative report.

    Do you put your name on a white paper?

    That's right: if you're a consultant or a business owner and you write a white paper to market your own company, you should put your name on it.

    How do you write a white paper Technical?

  • Cover Page. The first page of your white paper is the cover page.
  • Introduction/Abstract/Executive Summary.
  • Problem.
  • Product Design.
  • Solution.
  • Conclusion and Call to Action.
  • Overall Format.
  • Statistics.
  • What is a white paper in the army?

    White papers are used to present possible research projects to DoD or military-assisting Federal Agencies to assess an interest in, or possibility of, funding a specific research project.

    Is white paper one or two words?

    whitepaper, the base stylebooks tend to fall on the white paper side. Both the AP and Chicago styles list the two-word version as the preferred spelling. On the other hand, many technology companies choose to list whitepaper as a company-specific exception in their style guides.

    Are white papers difficult to write?

    White papers are hard to write because they are lengthy, they require a lot of research, they typically require expertise in the subject matter (which takes time and money to obtain), and they go through a long and often torturous approval process before being published.

    How much does a white paper cost?

    At a very basic level, if you're quoting to write a white paper you should charge at least $1/word, according to two of our Listers. A third said you can expect to be paid anywhere from $1000-8000 depending on how in-depth the research and analysis is, and that some white papers can be more of an 'extended blog post'.

    How do you write and publish a white paper?

  • Have a distribution plan at the ready. Before you launch a white paper, you need to have a plan.
  • Create a landing page.
  • Write a series of relevant posts to support and promote the paper.
  • Write guest posts.
  • Get reviews.
  • Invite experts to guest post.
  • Email it to your subscribers.
  • Are white papers still relevant 2021?

    Since they are well-researched and authoritative, whitepapers make great incentives for users to convert to potential customers or clients on your website. So, yes, whitepapers are still useful and will absolutely be so in the future.

    Who should write a white paper?

    White Paper: Purpose and Audience

    Writers typically use this genre when they argue a specific position or propose a solution to a problem, addressing the audience outside of their organization.

    Do white papers have graphics?

    It is persuasive and research-based, often used as part of an inbound marketing strategy. White papers help the reader understand a problem or make a decision. Excellent white papers use a combination of data-rich writing, graphics, and design to capture the reader's attention.

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