What Is Another Name For Agenda?

What's a antonym for agenda?

What is the opposite of agenda?

impartiality neutrality
objectivity disinterest
disinterestedness independence
indifference nonalignment

What is another word for hidden agenda?

In this page you can discover 4 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for hidden-agenda, like: ulterior-motive, ax-to-grind, parti-pris and prejudice.

What is the synonym of ulterior?

Synonyms & Near Synonyms for ulterior. eventual, final, last, ultimate.

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Is the word agendas correct?

In modern English, it is treated as a singular word with the plural form "agendas." (The word "agenda" means "a list of items of business to be considered or addressed." Just like the word "list," it ought to be treated as singular.)

Is agenda a collective noun?

Treat agenda as singular. The plural form is agendas. As media is a collective noun, you can treat it as singular or plural depending on the sense of your sentence.

What is the synonym of decisive?

Some common synonyms of decisive are conclusive, definitive, and determinative. While all these words mean "bringing to an end," decisive may apply to something that ends a controversy, a contest, or any uncertainty.

What is the synonym of vapid?

Some common synonyms of vapid are banal, flat, inane, insipid, and jejune.

What does Alterior mean?

Alterior is an alternative motive that is not being concealed. Essentially a portmanteau of “alternative” and “ulterior”. It is already growing favor in many different circles.

What is a private agenda?

Private Agenda means that part of any Agenda and related information and materials which relate to any private meeting of the Board of Trustees; Sample 1.

Can you have an agenda against someone?

To "have an agenda" is a negative thing. The word "agenda" by itself has no positive or negative connotations. An individual having an agenda indicates a preconceived desire for a specific outcome.

What are the two types of agenda?

Informal and Formal

An informal agenda basically refers to an informal list of items that will be discussed during a meeting and is often thrown together at the last minute. A formal agenda follows more of a format.

What are the contents of agenda?

The content of the agenda

  • Quorum and calling the General Meeting to order;
  • Election of the meeting officers which may take place at the opening or at the end of the General Meeting;
  • Reading of the agenda;
  • Board's report;
  • Presentation of the Financial Statements;
  • Where are agenda items sourced from?

    An agenda item is one point or distinct part of a meeting agenda that can be specified separately from a group of issues that are to be considered in a meeting. Agenda items can be created by the meeting facilitator who may also invite the meeting participants to request them.

    What is plural form of analysis?

    noun. anal·​y·​sis | \ ə-ˈna-lə-səs \ plural analyses\ -​ˌsēz \

    What strong willed means?

    : very determined to do something even if other people say it should not be done.

    What is the synonyms of determine?

    Some common synonyms of determine are decide, resolve, rule, and settle.

    What is decisive action?

    Definition of decisive action

    : an action or actions done quickly and with confidence In emergency situations, one must be able to take decisive action.

    What is a vapid narcissist?

    2 boring or dull; lifeless.

    Is bland a synonym for vapid?

    In this page you can discover 52 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for vapid, like: dull, self-important, flat, insipid, uninteresting, bland, boring, colorless, flavorless, inane and lame.

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