What Is Another Word For Wherein?

How do you use wherein in a sentence?

Examples of wherein in a Sentence

Conjunction the city wherein he lives There was a period in her life wherein she took no active part in politics. He showed me wherein I was wrong.

What kind of word is wherein?

WHEREIN (adverb, conjunction) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

What is another word for that way?

What is another word for in that way?

thus so
such that this way
along these lines in this manner
just like that thus and so
thus and thus in such a way

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Do you use a comma after wherein?

There is no comma before the "in which" [or before the "wherein" in your original] because it is introducing a restrictive clause. *Alternatively, some practitioners use the formal "As used herein".

What is another word for on the other hand?

on the other handadverb. Synonyms: conversely, however, vice versa, still, but, OTOH, yet, then again, looking at it the other way. on the other handadverb.

What kind of adverb is wherein?

What type of word is wherein? As detailed above, 'wherein' can be an adverb or a conjunction.

What are synonyms for during?

What is another word for during which?

when as
while whilst
meanwhile at the moment that
at the same time that at the time
at the time that during the time

What does therein mean?

Definition of therein

1 : in or into that place, time, or thing. 2 : in that particular or respect therein lies the problem.

Is divided into synonym?

Some common synonyms of divide are divorce, part, separate, sever, and sunder. While all these words mean "to become or cause to become disunited or disjointed," divide implies separating into pieces or sections by cutting or breaking.

What is the difference between wherein and whereby?

Use a 'wherein' clause to specify an effect or result produced by the arrangement, construction, and/or operation of already recited elements. Use a 'whereby' clause or 'thereby' clause to specify to specify the necessary consequences of the arrangement, construction, and/or operation of already recited elements.

What is the difference between wherein And whereas?

1 Answer. Wherein is used the same as in which, while whereas is used like while.

What is the difference between where and whereby?

As adverbs the difference between whereby and where

is that whereby is (interrogative|obsolete) by what, in which direction; how while where is at what place; to what place; what place.

What is a synonym for even more?

Twice the amount, degree or severity. doubly. double. twice. twofold.

What is the synonym of period?

Synonyms of period

  • age,
  • day,
  • epoch,
  • era,
  • time.
  • What is another word for when?

    What is another word for when?

    although however
    though whereas
    conversely in spite of the fact that
    nevertheless notwithstanding
    while whilst

    Is it hereby or here by?

    adverb. by this, or the present, declaration, action, document, etc.; by means of this; as a result of this: I hereby resign as president of the class. Obsolete. nearby.

    What does contained therein mean?

    Therein means contained in the place that has been mentioned. [literary]

    What's arbitrary government?

    Arbitrary Government is where a people have men set over them, without their choice or allowance; who have power to govern them, and judge their causes without a rule.

    Can be seen as synonym?

    What is another word for can be seen?

    able to be seen can be noticed
    is apparent is in sight
    is in view is noticeable
    is observable is obvious
    is visible

    Whats another word for an example?

    Some common synonyms of example are case, illustration, instance, sample, and specimen.

    What are some antonyms?

    Antonym Examples

    Achieve - Fail Giant - Dwarf Random - Specific
    Afraid - Confident Gloomy - Cheerful Rigid - Flexible
    Ancient - Modern Individual - Group Shame - Honor
    Arrive - Depart Innocent - Guilty Simple - Complicated
    Arrogant - Humble Knowledge - Ignorance Single - Married

    What is antonyms and synonym?

    Synonyms are words that have the same, or almost the same, meaning as another word. Antonyms are words that have the opposite meaning of another word. Choosing the right synonym refines your writing.

    What is the opposite division?

    Opposite of the action of separating something into parts or the process of being separated. fusion. unification.

    What word means to divide into groups?

    1 bisect, cleave, cut (up), detach, disconnect, part, partition, segregate, separate, sever, shear, split, subdivide, sunder. 2 allocate, allot, apportion, deal out, dispense, distribute, divvy (up) (informal) dole out, measure out, portion, share.

    Is whereby grammatically correct?

    Whereby is defined as in agreement with which, by which or through which. An example of whereby used as a conjunction is in the sentence, "He was found guilty, whereby he was sentence to five years in prison" which means through finding him guilty, he was sentenced to the prison term.

    Is whereby a preposition?


    By which; by that thing. This hammer is the tool whereby I hammered in that nail.

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