What Is The Difference Between Cotton And Percale Sheets?

What is special about percale sheets?

Percale bedding wins over sleepers because of its crispness, breathability, smoothness, and durability. Percale sheets can be washed numerous times, without the fear of spoiling the fabric—instead it only feels softer with every wash. A soft bed sheet is an excellent catalyst to good quality sleep.

Are percale sheets cooler than cotton?

Cotton percales are more breathable and cooler-feeling than other sheets, and they're built to last. And, as the cotton fibers relax and break in over time, good percale sheets should just feel better and better.

What is different about percale sheets?

Percale sheets are plain in weave and characterized by a matte finish and crisp hand. Percale fabric is lighter in weight and more breathable making it perfect for summertime or warmer climates. Sateen sheets are woven to create a silky smooth surface with a luminous sheen and is known for its luster and drape.

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What makes a sheet percale?

Percale is fabric made with a plain, or basket weave which is one thread over, one thread under, a method in use for hundreds of years. This weave gives the fabric its' strength and durability, matte appearance and a crisp feel. To be called percale, the fabric must have a thread count of 180 per square inch or higher.

What is a good thread count for bedding?

The higher the thread count, the better quality the fabric is, and the better it feels against your skin. The thread count of standard cotton is around 150TC, with 180TC considered good quality. Anything above 200TC is high quality, but the count can go up to as high as 400, 800 and 1,000TC for the very finest threads.

What setting do I wash percale sheets on?

What Temperature to Wash Percale Sheets? Many sleepers wonder whether to wash percale sheets in cold or hot water, but we recommend using cool water — neither cold nor hot. Hot water can fade colors and damage fine threads, but cold water may not properly clean your sheets.

Do cotton percale sheets shrink?

Expect percale sheets to shrink by up to 2 percent after their first laundering.

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