What Is The Difference Between Test Plan And Test Case?

What is in a test plan?

A Test Plan refers to a detailed document that catalogs the test strategy, objectives, schedule, estimations, deadlines, and the resources required for completing that particular project. Think of it as a blueprint for running the tests needed to ensure the software is working properly – controlled by test managers.

Does test plan include test cases?

A test plan documents the what, when, why, how, and who of a testing project. It lays out the overall objective and scope of the tests to be run. A test plan does not include the individual test cases, as it is meant to be a higher-level document.

What is the main difference between test plan and test strategy?

Test Strategy vs Test Plan

Test Plan Test Strategy
A test plan for software project can be defined as a document that defines the scope, objective, approach and emphasis on a software testing effort Test strategy is a set of guidelines that explains test design and determines how testing needs to be done

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How do you define a test case?

A test case is exactly what it sounds like: a test scenario measuring functionality across a set of actions or conditions to verify the expected result. They apply to any software application, can use manual testing or an automated test, and can make use of test case management tools.

What is the difference between test plan and test strategy what are the different contents of it please write any 5 contents of test plan in detail?


Test Plan is a document that describes the scope, objective and weight on software testing task whereas Test Strategy describes how testing needs to be done. Test Plan is used at the project level whereas Test Strategy is used at the organization level.

What is the difference between test planning and test execution?

Conclusion. While the test execution set receives a lot of importance, it is just a subset of the test plan. The test plan has some probability of being altered to allow for changes in strategy, approach, and other components. What's worth noting is that test execution depends on test cases.

What is difference between master test plan and test plan?

Master Test Plan contains all the test scenarios and risks prone areas of the application. MTP captures each and every test to be run during the overall development of application whereas the test plan describes the scope, approach, resources, and schedule of performing the test.

How do you explain test plan in interview?

What is the primary difference between the test plan the test design specification and the test procedure specification?

A. The test plan describes one or more levels of testing, the test design specification identifies the associated high-level test cases and a test procedure specification describes the actions for executing a test.

What are the objectives of test plan?

The primary objective for a test plan is to produce documentation that describes how the tester will verify that the system works as intended. The document should describe what needs to be tested, how it will be tested, and who's responsible for doing so.

What is a test plan in QA?

Test Plan. A test plan is a document that describes the entire scope of testing work and the resources required for this purpose. This QA doc is created at the initial stage of the project when the requirements are collected, the terms of reference are formed, the scope of work, and the list of tasks become clear.

What is the purpose of a test plan Istqb?

It identifies amongst others test items, the features to be tested, the testing tasks, who will do each task, degree of tester independence, the test environment, the test design techniques and entry and exit criteria to be used, and the rationale for their choice, and any risks requiring contingency planning.

What is another word for test case?

What is another word for test case?

precedent acid test
crucial test experiment
first case first occurrence

How do you identify test cases?

The test case should contain a set of test data, preconditions, expected results and post conditions, developed for a particular test scenario in order to verify a specific requirement. The test case should check normal happy flow, alternative flow and error flow.

How do you write a test case example?

  • Title: Login Page – Authenticate user on Hotmail.com.
  • Description: A user should be able to log in at hotmail.com.
  • Precondition: The user must have an email address and password that is previously registered.
  • Assumption: The browser supports hotmail.com.
  • Test Steps:
  • How do you write a test plan and test strategy?

  • Research and analyze the software.
  • Design a test strategy.
  • Explain the objectives.
  • Outline test criteria.
  • Plan a test environment.
  • Create a schedule.
  • Identify deliverables.
  • What is test plan and test design?

    test plan:it is defined as the procedure an tester need to follow before execution of an programme/process.test design:it is defined as the pilot design an tester need to do before any programme/process to be initiated or started.

    What is test case execution?

    Test case execution records and test suite execution records reflect the most recent test case result or test suite result (pass, fail, blocked) that is associated with the test case execution record or test suite execution record.

    What is the main purpose of master test plan?

    A software project master test plan is a document that describes the objectives, scope, approach, and focus of a software testing effort. The process of preparing a test plan is a useful way to think through the efforts needed to validate the acceptability of a software product.

    What are the advantages of master test plan?

    Examples, When to use. The master test plan is a document that describes in detail how the testing is being planned and how it will be managed across different test levels. It gives a bird's eye view of the key decisions taken, the strategies to be implemented and the testing effort involved in the project.

    What are different types of testing?

    What Are the Different Types of Testing?

  • Accessibility testing.
  • Acceptance testing.
  • Black box testing.
  • End to end testing.
  • Functional testing.
  • Interactive testing.
  • Integration testing.
  • Load testing.
  • How do you write a test plan in agile?

  • Introduction. Agile Test Plans usually start with an introduction; this is a short description of the project containing general information on the sprint's testing process.
  • User stories.
  • QA Environment.
  • Testing Scope.
  • Testing Process.
  • Risks and Dependencies.
  • Estimates and Exit criteria.
  • What is a test plan in agile?

    Agile Test Plan. Agile test plan includes types of testing done in that iteration like test data requirements, infrastructure, test environments, and test results. Unlike the waterfall model, in an agile model, a test plan is written and updated for every release.

    What is the key factor to be considered while designing a test plan?

    The important points that should be under consideration during test includes Scope of the testing, money, timeline, Risk analysis etc. A Good Test plan ensures less hurdles during execution phase and helps it in making smoother.

    What is the difference between testing and debugging?

    Testing is the process to find bugs and errors. Debugging is the process to correct the bugs found during testing. It is the process to identify the failure of implemented code.

    Which of the following are not part of a test plan?

    Part of test plan: Test plan identifier, Test items, Features to be tested, Features not to be tested, Approach, pass/fail criteria, Testing tasks, Responsibilities, Schedule, Risks and contingencies, Approvals. Therefore, Mission is not part of the test plan.

    Which of the following would not normally form part of a test plan?

    An incident report is used to define the defect of the application. So, incident report is not part of test plan.

    How do you complete a test plan?

  • Analyze the product.
  • Design the Test Strategy.
  • Define the Test Objectives.
  • Define Test Criteria.
  • Resource Planning.
  • Plan Test Environment.
  • Schedule & Estimation.
  • Determine Test Deliverables.
  • How do you write a test plan objective?

  • What is to be done in UAT.
  • Define the scope of what will be tested.
  • Estimate the people and other resources required.
  • Organise the activities and timescales.
  • Specify the approach taken to testing.
  • Define the deliverables expected.
  • How many test cases are necessary?

    In order to fully test that all the requirements of an application are met, there must be at least two test cases for each requirement: one positive test and one negative test. If a requirement has sub-requirements, each sub-requirement must have at least two test cases.

    Why is it important to carefully plan the test?

    The need for test planning

    In both cases it's essential to plan the testing carefully. A well-planned test suite can save significant heartache for companies. However, test planning requires as much care as project planning. Testing should be viewed holistically to ensure all tests are properly thought through.

    What is the synonym of precedent?

    model, exemplar, example, pattern, previous case, prior case, previous example, previous instance, prior example, prior instance. paradigm, criterion, yardstick, standard, lead, guide. urger.

    What is good test case?

    The whole point of writing good test cases is providing test coverage as widely as possible. Each test case must aim to cover as many features, user scenarios and as much of the workflow as possible.

    What is test case in coding?

    Test cases help in validating candidates' code. A test case consists of an input to the code and an expected output. Once candidates submit the code, it is run against all the test cases. The output from the candidate's code is compared with the expected output to see whether the test case has passed or failed.

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