What Is The Most Popular Middle Name?

What is the #1 most common name?

Top Names Over the Last 100 Years

Males Females
Rank Name Name
1 James Mary
2 Robert Patricia
3 John Jennifer

What is the most basic girl middle name?

Most popular middle names for girls

  • Louise.
  • Rose.
  • Grace.
  • Jane and Elizabeth (joint)
  • Anne/Ann.
  • May/Mae.
  • Mary.
  • Amy and Catherine (joint)
  • What is the best middle name for a girl?

    Here are 100 of the most popular three- and four-syllable middle names for girls to help you on your naming quest:

  • Sophia.
  • Susanna.
  • Tabitha.
  • Trinity.
  • Victoria.
  • Violet.
  • Waverly.
  • Winona.
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    What is the best middle name?

    Top 10 Middle Names of the Decade and Occurrences:

  • Mae (18,997)
  • Marie (17,887)
  • Elizabeth (16,750)
  • Louise (12,218)
  • Mary (7,769)
  • Ann (6,827)
  • May (6,785)
  • Lee (5,942)
  • How common is a middle name?

    The introduction of middle names

    Whether this in recognition of a parent or grandparent, or, as in many cases following the two World Wars, a way of acknowledging someone lost too soon, middle names have become so popular that now 80% of children are given a midde name and 10% are given two or more.

    What is the middle name in USA?

    In the U.S., the "middle name" is often abbreviated to the middle initial (e.g. Mary Lee Bianchi becomes Mary L. Bianchi). This is usually standard for signatures or omitted entirely in everyday use (e.g. just Mary Bianchi). An individual may have more than one middle name, or none.

    Can I have two middle names?

    Just remember: having two middle names can prove unwieldy, especially with forms and documents that only have space for one middle name on them. Double middle names are uncommon and demand juggling, making sure people don't confuse your dual middle as part of your first or last name.

    What is the best middle name for a boy?

    The Ultimate List of Boy Middle Names

  • William - This is one of the most popular boy baby names.
  • James - A middle name with royal roots.
  • John - A one-syllable option meaning God's grace.
  • Lucas - A popular name for the new light in your life.
  • Kai - A name with natural origins and ties to the sea.
  • Why is every girl's middle name Marie?

    Marie is the most popular American feminine middle name. Marie is French for Mary. Also it was the earlier form of the name in England until the Authorized version of the Bible established Mary as the English spelling.

    What is a pretty name for a girl?

    Top Baby Girl Names

  • Olivia.
  • Emma.
  • Ava.
  • Charlotte.
  • Sophia.
  • Amelia.
  • Isabella.
  • Mia.
  • Why do we give middle names?

    Today, as Wilson notes, middle names serve much the same purposes they always have: they're a way to keep family names going and thus preserve relationships; they're a way to try something new or “put old names out to grass” without cutting the cord entirely.

    What president has no middle name?

    Truman actually had no middle name? His parents gave him the middle initial S to honor and please his grandfathers, Anderson Shipp Truman and Solomon Young. Since the S did not stand for a name, Harry didn't use a period after it for most of his life.

    Can I drop my middle name?

    In any event, if an individual wants to get rid of her middle name, legally and forever, it's entirely possible in all states.

    How many middle names is too many?

    Oscar is one that my partner and I both like, but I don't love it. And Lorcan is one that I really like, even love, but my partner isn't keen on it at all! The other part of our problem relates to middle names. We aren't yet married, but have agreed that our baby will have both our surnames.

    What names go with river?

    Let's go!

  • River Aaron.
  • River Alexander.
  • River Anthony.
  • River Ashton.
  • River Austin.
  • River Bennet.
  • River Brennan.
  • River Bryce.
  • What is a badass name for a guy?

    Badass Boy Names for Your Tough Little Love

    Arnold Eagle ruler German
    Baron Young warrior Hebrew
    Bear Strong, brave bear German
    Bernard Strong, brave bear German
    Blade Knife, sword English

    Can Marie be a boy middle name?

    French Marie, just as Italian/Spanish Maria, is traditionally also used in masculine compound names or more rarely as a middle name, especially in Catholic families.

    Can Maria be a middle name?

    Maria is a feminine given name. As a result of their similarity and syncretism, the Latin original name Maria and the Hebrew-derived Maria combined to form a single name. The name is also sometimes used as a male (middle) name.

    Is Mary a form of Maria?

    Mary /ˈmɛəˌri/ is a feminine given name, the English form of the name Maria, which was in turn a Latin form of the Greek name Μαρία (María), found in the New Testament. Both variants reflect Syro-Aramaic Maryam, itself a variant of the Hebrew name מִרְיָם or Miryam.

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