What Reading Level Is Percy Jackson?

What age is appropriate to read Percy Jackson?

Common Sense Media (my go-to spot for judging what media is appropriate for what age of kids) rates the Percy Jackson books as for kids aged 9–10. I'd probably pull that down a year to ages 8–9, but either way much is lost in reading those books if you don't know the myths they are referencing.

What reading level is Percy Jackson & The Last Olympian?

Published on May 2, 2009
Age Group: 9 - 12 years
Reading Level: AR : 4.3 (13.0 Points, Quiz #130543) GLE : 3.5 F&P/GRL : S DRA : 40 Lexile® measure: 620L

Can a 14 year old read Percy Jackson?

The Percy Jackson series is a very good read for young teens, say aged 10–15.

Related Question What reading level is Percy Jackson?

How many AR points is Percy Jackson?

ATOS Book Level: 4.7
Interest Level: Middle Grades (MG 4-8)
AR Points: 13.0
Word Count: 87223

How many AR points is Harry Potter?

ATOS Book Level: 5.5
AR Points: 12.0
Word Count: 77508
Fiction/Nonfiction Fiction

What grade level is Hunger Games?

The book is rated by Scholastic as grade 5.3 and for ages 11-13. Parents' concerns about The Hunger Games center around violence. The book has a lot of it, and it is graphic at times. Much of the plot focuses on "the games" in which children kill children.

Is Percy Jackson middle grade?

Think books like Percy Jackson and Skulduggery Pleasant. “'Middle grade' and 'young adult' describe audiences, not genres, because a tremendous variety of books fall in each category. The core audience for middle grade is 8 to 12-year-olds, and young adult is 12 to 18.

What should I read if I like Percy Jackson?

Books Like Percy Jackson:

  • An Epic Series of Failures. by Chris Rylander.
  • The Wingfeather Saga Series. by Andrew Peterson.
  • Dragons in a Bag Series.
  • A Sam London Adventure Series.
  • Talespinners Series.
  • Thrones and Bones Series.
  • Knights of the Borrowed Dark Series.
  • The Chronicles of Egg Series.
  • What reading level is Percy Jackson 3?

    The Titan's Curse (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Book 3)

    Interest Level Reading Level Word Count
    Grades 4 - 8 Grades 2 - 8 72995

    What reading level is the battle of the labyrinth?

    The Battle of the Labyrinth (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Book 4)

    Interest Level Reading Level ATOS
    Grades 5 - 8 Grades 2 - 8 4.1

    What did Hermes give Percy?

    In The Sea of Monsters, Hermes gives Percy a bag, a thermos with the four winds in it, and a bottle of Minotaur vitamins.

    What is the 6th book of Percy Jackson?

    Camp Half Blood - Information/The Books: The sixth Percy Jackson book in the series!

    What is the 2 book in the Percy Jackson series?

    The Sea of Monsters is an American fantasy-adventure novel based on Greek mythology written by Rick Riordan and published in 2006. It is the second novel in the Percy Jackson & the Olympians series and the sequel to The Lightning Thief.

    Is Percy Jackson on Disney plus?

    The adaptation of author Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson and the Olympians novels will be coming to Disney+ as a live-action series, reportedly in 2023.

    What level is Rick Riordan books?

    Fast-paced fantasy set in the modern world. Grades 5-8.

    What reading level is Magic Tree House?

    Your 6- to 10-year-old reader can join time traveling duo Jack and Annie in their magic tree house as they adventure through history. Young readers can travel throughout history without leaving the comfort of home with Mary Pope Osbourne's award-winning series, The Magic Tree House.

    What level is Diary of a Wimpy Kid?

    The intended audience is kids in grades 3-7, or ages 8-12. However, many kids that fall outside that age bracket are reading and talking about this series. What's it about? It's about Greg, a skinny middle school student near the bottom of the social pecking order and his misadventures at school and at home.

    How many AR points is the Bible?

    ATOS Book Level: 3.1
    Interest Level: Lower Grades (LG K-3)
    AR Points: 0.5
    Word Count: 426

    What are the 9 Harry Potter books?

    Harry Potter

  • Philosopher's Stone (1997)
  • Chamber of Secrets (1998)
  • Prisoner of Azkaban (1999)
  • Goblet of Fire (2000)
  • Order of the Phoenix (2003)
  • Half-Blood Prince (2005)
  • Deathly Hallows (2007)
  • How many points is Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban?

    18.0 Points
    Published on October 1, 1999
    Age Group: 9 years and up
    Reading Level: AR : 6.7 (18.0 Points, Quiz #32082) GLE : 5.9 F&P/GRL : V DRA : 50 Lexile® measure: 880L

    Is Hunger Games OK for a 9 year old?

    Common Sense Media rated the book as acceptable for 12- to 13-year-olds. Some teachers used it for explorations of class, inhumanity, societal injustice, and other important themes.

    Why is hunger games rated PG 13?

    The broad reach a powerful film like "Bully" could have may be potentially thwarted by the restrictive rating. The MPAA needs to reevaluate why "Bully" merits an 'R' rating in the face of a growing concern for the more moderate PG-13 rating it granted the violent "The Hunger Games."

    What age range is middle grade?

    Middle grade books are for readers who are 8 to 12 years old, and young adult fiction is for older kids (although many adults enjoy these books too).

    What ages are middle readers?

    Middle-grade fiction refers to books written for readers between the ages of 8 and 12, while young adult fiction refers to books written for readers roughly between the ages of 12 and 18.

    Is Coraline middle grade?

    Coraline is a 2002 novel by Neil Gaiman. Strangely, it is called a novella, despite being the typical length of a middle grade novel (30,640 words).

    What are fans of Percy Jackson called?

    The Harry Potter fans are called Potterheads and The Maze Runner fans are called Dashner's Army, what are the Percy Jackson fans called? Demigods.

    What should I read after finishing Percy Jackson?

    25 Adventurous Books Like Percy Jackson By Rick Riordan

  • Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief Illustrated Edition by Rick Riordan.
  • The Apothecary by Maile Meloy.
  • Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer.
  • Aru Shah and the End of Time (The Pandava series) by Roshani Chokshi.
  • Book of Three by Lloyd Alexander.
  • What book series is after Percy Jackson?

    The Heroes of Olympus

    The logo for The Heroes of Olympus series
    The Lost Hero (2010) The Son of Neptune (2011) The Mark of Athena (2012) The House of Hades (2013) The Blood of Olympus (2014)
    No. of books 5
    Preceded by Percy Jackson & the Olympians
    Followed by The Trials of Apollo

    What is the name of the fourth Percy Jackson book?

    The Battle of the Labyrinth
    The front cover of the first U.S. edition.
    Author Rick Riordan
    Country United States
    Series Percy Jackson & the Olympians (book 4)

    What is the 3 Percy Jackson book called?

    The Titan's Curse

    The front cover of the first U.S. edition.
    Author Rick Riordan
    Country United States
    Series Percy Jackson & the Olympians (book 3)
    Genre Fantasy, Greek mythology, young-adult novel

    What is the Percy Jackson series in order?

    What Lexile level is Percy Jackson?

    Lexile is a Guide

    Percy Jackson is 740. Students with a much higher Lexile level may love these books. It is okay to allow them to read these books for pleasure. The same is true for a student with a lower Lexile level wanting to read a higher Lexile level book.

    How many AR points is Percy Jackson the Battle of Labyrinth?

    12.0 Points
    Published on May 6, 2008
    Age Group: 9 - 12 years
    Reading Level: AR : 4.1 (12.0 Points, Quiz #122983) GLE : 3.3 F&P/GRL : W DRA : 40 Lexile® measure: 590L

    What guided reading level is Wings of Fire?

    The Dragonet Prophecy (Wings of Fire, Book 1)

    Interest Level Reading Level Word Count
    Grades 4 - 8 Grades 3 - 5 69911

    Who is Hermes siblings?

    Siblings Aeacus, Angelos, Aphrodite, Apollo, Ares, Artemis, Athena, Dionysus, Eileithyia, Enyo, Eris, Ersa, Hebe, Helen of Troy, Hephaestus, Heracles, Minos, Pandia, Persephone, Perseus, Rhadamanthus, the Charites, the Horae, the Litae, the Muses, the Moirai

    What is Percy's magic item?

    Riptide, also known as Anaklusmos, was given to Percy Jackson by Chiron in The Lightning Thief to fight against his "math teacher" Mrs. Dodds (who was a Fury disguised as a human). It is made out of Celestial Bronze which does not harm mortals but "passes through them like an illusion".

    What does Ares look like in Percy Jackson?

    Appearance. Ares in Percy Jackson's Greek Gods Ares is described as a huge, muscular man with a belligerent attitude and a vicious sneer. He typically wears black jeans, combat boots, a black leather duster, and a red muscle shirt under a bulletproof vest (his shield in disguise).

    Is Percy in trials of Apollo?

    Yes, Percy does appear in Trials of Apollo. He appears near the beginning of The Hidden Oracle, where he gives Apollo and Meg a ride to Camp Half Blood, fighting some Nosoi along the way. He also appears near the end of the book, where he helps with the fight against the Colossus.

    Is Percy Jackson in The Kane Chronicles?

    Titled “The Son of Sobek,” the short will be published as part of the paperback edition of Riordan's third installment of the Kane Chronicles, The Serpent's Shadow.

    How many Percy Jackson books are there in total 2021?

    Percy Jackson: The Complete Series includes all five novels in the action-packed, electrifying series from Rick Riordan: The Lightning Thief, The Sea of Monsters, The Titan's Curse, The Battle of the Labyrinth, and The Last Olympian.

    What are the 5 series of Percy Jackson?

    Percy Jackson & the Olympians

    UK logo for Percy Jackson and the Olympians (as the series is known there)
    The Lightning Thief (2005) The Sea of Monsters (2006) The Titan's Curse (2007) The Battle of the Labyrinth (2008) The Last Olympian (2009)
    No. of books 5
    Followed by The Heroes of Olympus

    Who turns Percy into a guinea pig?

    When Percy and Annabeth came, Circe turned Percy into a guinea pig by tricking him into drinking a magic potion.

    How old is Rick Riordan?

    Rick Riordan

    How old is Percy Jackson in the first book?

    Percy's birthday is August 18. In the first novel of the series, The Lightning Thief, he is twelve years old.

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