What Should A 2021 Graduation Announcement Say?

What do they announce at graduation?

Valedictory Address. A student representative gives a valedictory address during the ceremony, on behalf of the graduates. The valedictorian thanks family and friends for attending the graduation ceremony and usually gives a heartfelt speech about his or her experience over the last four years.

How do you address a family graduation announcement?

Use full names and formal titles for recipients' names.

On the mailing envelope, write out the full first and last name of the recipient along with the appropriate title (Mr., Ms., Mrs., Dr., etc.). If you're mailing an announcement to a married couple, include a title and the first and last name for each of them.

Where do the announcement tissues go?

Announcement (Tissue) Inserts

If your order contains tissue inserts, place this translucent paper on the inside of your announcement.

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