What Should A Bridal Shower Invitation Say?

How do you welcome guests to a bridal shower?

  • Introduce yourself.
  • Say how you know the bride.
  • Say what you like about the bridal shower.
  • Tell a story.
  • Use emotions.
  • What should mother of the bride speech say?

    The main point of the mother of the bride speech is to welcome all your guests and tell your daughter how much you love her and how proud you are of her. It's a truly heart warming, memorable moment in the wedding day.

    How do you start a bridal speech?

    Include a short story about how you met when you knew you were in love or a funny tidbit from wedding planning. The idea here is that you want to share a cute story, nothing embarrassing. And you'll want to keep it short, especially if you and your spouse are both sharing little stories.

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    What do you say at your daughter's bridal shower?

  • All a parent wants is for her daughter to be happy, safe, and loved.
  • Congratulations to my beautiful daughter.
  • Your wedding day is almost here!
  • Seeing you with Greg makes me the happiest parent alive—because I know that you are truly loved, cherished, and supported.
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