What Size Is A Cd Booklet

How do I make a booklet from a CD?

What size should an album cover be?

Cover Art Requirements for Albums & Singles

Dimensions / Pixel Size: At least 1600 x 1600 pixels, but 3000 x 3000 pixels is recommended. Size in Inches: 3000 x 3000 pixels at 300 dpi (which is 10 x 10 inches) is recommended.

What are the dimensions of a CD?

A standard compact disc (CD) is 120 mm (4.75 inches) in diameter and 1.2 mm (0.05 inch) thick.

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What is a Digi CD?

The CD DigiPak (or CD Digi-pak) is a modern, stylish alternative to the standard CD Jewel Case. CD Digipaks are a custom printed card packaging that can hold one or more CDs which are held in place with plastic trays (CD flexitrays) which are glued into the digipak.

What size is a record album?

Records come in three standard sizes: 7-inch, 10-inch, and 12-inch. At a certain point, records can become cramped with grooves and have to expand in size to accommodate the extra music play while maintaining the quality of the audio.

How big is a DVD cover?

A standard DVD cover measures 184mm (7.25") by 273mm (10.75"). Depending on your printer and paper size, it is possible to fit an entire DVD cover onto a single sheet of paper (A4, which is the standard size of paper, is more than large enough).

What are CD inserts called?

Jewelcase / Jewelbox – The industry standard plastic CD case. Recommended for retail projects. Also called a Jewelbox. Tray – the plastic part of the jewelcase that the disc snaps onto.

Do albums still have liner notes?

With the advent of digital music, Liner Notes are again fading away and terms like "album", "LP" and "EP" are still used today in the music industry.

What are CDs packaged in?

Optical disc packaging is the packaging that accompanies CDs, DVDs, and other formats of optical discs. Most packaging is rigid or semi-rigid and designed to protect the media from scratches and other types of exposure damage.

Are most vinyl 33 or 45?

Vinyl records are produced to be played at one of three speeds: 33 1/3 RPM, 45 RPM, and 78 RPM. You will almost never deal with 78 RPM records, so don't worry about that. Most full-size 12-inch records will be 33 1/3 RPM, though some — mainly EPs and maxi-singles — will be at 45 RPM.

What size record is a 45?

What to Do with Your Vinyl Records

Vinyl Records: Recording Lengths and Digital File Sizes
45 7″ 10.8 MB
10″ 32.4 MB
12″ 36 MB
16 23 7″ 48 MB

Can you play a 45 on a record player?

Each adapter allows you to play 45 RPM singles on almost any record player. The adapters are easy to use, simply snap it into the center of the 7" record and place on the turntable spindle - no tools are required!

What ratio are album covers?

All About Format

In order for the stores to accept your artwork, its format needs to meet several technical criteria: JPG or GIF. Perfect square. Aspect ratio at least 1600 x 1600 pixels in size.

How big is a Spotify album cover?

What's the Ideal Spotify Cover Art Size? As per official recommendations, the perfect Spotify cover art size is 640 x 640 pixels. This is an aspect ratio of 1:1, which means it should be a perfect square.

What are the different types of CD and DVD?

  • CD-ROM. (Single-sided) DVD-ROM. (Single-sided) DVD-ROM. (Single-sided) DVD-ROM. (Double-sided) DVD-ROM. (Double-sided) (All CD-ROMs are.
  • CD-R, CD-RW. (Single sided) DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD-RAM. (Single sided) DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD-RAM. (Double sided) CD-R/RW are one-sided, One recordable layer only.
  • Is a DVD a CD?

    A Digital Versatile Disc or Digital Video Disc (DVD) is similar to a CD-ROM in that you can only read data from it. The main difference is that the DVD can store much more data than a CD-ROM, CD-R, or CD-RW.

    How thick is a standard CD case?

    They are the standard 10.4mm (a.k.a. . 43") thick and will hold most CD trays.

    How do I make a CD cover in Photoshop?

  • Step 1: Look for the background picture.
  • Step 2: Open the picture in Photoshop.
  • Step 3: Resize the picture.
  • Step 4: Download and open the artwork template.
  • Step 5: Copy and paste the template over the background picture.
  • Step 6: Adjust the Opacity of template layer.
  • What is the distance between the tracks in a CD?

    "The distance between tracks on DVD media is a mere 0.74 microns while the distance between tracks on CD media is 1.6 microns."

    Where can I find CD liner notes?

    Liner notes are more difficult to find than cover art. They are out there on the usual suspects; sites like MusicBrainz (via the Cover Art Archive) and Discogs. If you can't find them, then often the only alternative is a scanner.

    What is the back of an album called?

    An album cover normally has the artist's name, sometimes in logo form; and the album title. Occasionally, though more common on historical vinyl records, the cover may include a reference number; a branding (the label), and possibly a track listing.

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