When Did Ranga Marry And Why?

How did Ranga get married?

By arousing his interest and fascination in a young girl, Ratna, he makes Ranga agree to marry her. Thus Ranga's one condition for marriage is fulfilled—he knows the girl and loves her. She does not fulfil the other condition of being a mature girl in twenties—she is just eleven at that time.

Why did Ranga decided not to marry immediately?

Ranga did not want to get married because he wanted a bride appropriate for his age and one whom he admired. He did not think that this could be a possibility as in the society to which he belonged usually offered very young girls in marriage.

Why did the writer want Ranga to get married?

The narrator was interested in getting Ranga married off because he believed that a fine educated boy with such impeccable manners like Ranga could of service to the village if he settled down. Though Ranga had studied in the city,he was respectful of his elders, generous and considerate.

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Why did Ranga marry Ratna when he was of the view that he should marry a mature girl not a eleven year old girl such as Ratna?

Answer: Ranga wanted to marry a mature girl who would be able to talk lovingly. A very young girl was unlikely to understand him and could misconstrue his words, spoken in love.

What type of girl should marry according to Ranga?

When Ranga returned from the city, he said he would marry when he found the 'right girl'. The 'right girl' would be mature, not likely to misunderstand him. Besides, he felt that a man should marry the girl he admired.

Why did narrator sent Ranga When Ratna was singing?

That day Ratna was wearing a grand Saree. The narrator asked her to sing a song. He sent for Ranga while she was singing a song. He felt sorry that his coming in stopped the singing but he didn't leave.

Why is Ranga's son named after the narrator 30 40?

because both ranga and ratna admired the narrator behind their meeting and marriage . so to give a tribute to the narrator they named their son shyama after the narrator's name.

Who was father of Ranga?

Since Rama Rao was the father of Ranga and uncle of Ratna therefore Ratna and Ranga will be relatives .

What were Ranga view about marriage?

Answers. Ranga believed he needed to find the right girl to get married. He believed if he would ever marry a girl, she would be mature, not a very young girl. Besides, he wanted to marry a girl whom he admired.

How does Aram describe the horse?

Aram describes his horse Magnificent and Beautiful White horse .

Why has the crowd gathered at Ranga's home?

Because Ranga had gone to Bangalore for further education which was rare in their village. People thought that Ranga might have changed so they gathered at Ranga's place to see what changes have taken place in Ranga's lifestyle, but they the same old Ranga and left disappointed.

What is referred as a priceless commodity in Ranga's marriage?

Answer: The story Ranga's marriage is about an accountant's son. He is the first of his village to receive English Education and was sent outside the village for studies. English language is called a priceless commodity because in those days, English was not known to common people in the narrator's village.

Who is Gundabhatta in the lesson?

Gundabhatta was a doctor in the village Hosahalli. He spoke glowing about the village just like the narrator.

What steps did the narrator take to get Ranga married to Ratna?

Answer: The narrator in the story “Ranga's Marriage” manages to get Ranga married to Ratna by conducting a meeting of the two. According to him, they were the best suitable for each other. He planed the meeting so that Ranga could be impressed by her virtues and her quality of singing.

What image do you form of the narrator?

Answer : The narrator images as a gentleman . He is ever ready to help others. He is instrumental in arranging the marriage of Ranga and Ratna.

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