Where Can You Get A Phone Book

How do I request a phone book?

  • AT &T: 1-866-329-7118.
  • Verizon: 1800-888-8448.
  • Yellow Pages: 1800-373-2324 (option #3)
  • Valley Yellow Pages: 1800-350-8887.
  • or to look it up here: Yellow Pages Association Opt-Out request.
  • Do they still make phone books in Canada?

    Residential phone directories are now available only upon request in major Canadian cities. Affected cities include Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Ottawa-Gatineau area and Quebec City.

    Do they still make Yellow Pages?

    Yup--still there. Article continues after video. OK, many of us aren't getting the Yellow Pages delivered to our doors anymore. But according to the company, more than 80 million people visit the YP.com site (or use their app) each month where there are more than 20 million businesses listed.

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    How do I find a company from a phone number?

    Social media sites and search engines offer alternative ways to conduct a business lookup by phone number. Consumers can simply enter the phone number, including the area code, into a search engine such as Google. If the number belongs to a legitimate business, the company's website may show up.

    Is there an online Yellow Pages?

    YP.com, also called The Real Yellow Pages, is the "traditional" phone directory Yellow Pages placed on the web for easy access. You can use YP.com through a web browser or with the mobile app available for Android and iOS.

    How can you find a landline phone number?

    If you don't know your home phone number, simply dial your mobile (or a friend or family member's) from the landline. You should also dial 1470 before the mobile number if you have number withhold If you don't know your home phone number, simply dial your mobile (or a friend or family member's) from the landline.

    Where can I get a free residential phone number?

  • 1) Quick Google Search to look up phone numbers.
  • 2) Global People Search.
  • 3) Through ZIP Code search.
  • 4) Whitepages.com.
  • How much does a Yellow Pages ad cost?

    Placing an ad with the Yellow Pages can easily run in the tens of thousands of dollars per year. To place a business card-sized ad in Yellow Pages costs anywhere from $250 to $400 a month, depending on your location.

    What does Dex YP do?

    DexYP helps business owners manage their customer relationships, internet presence, bookings and analytics from a single mobile platform.

    How can you get someone's phone number?

  • Use Free Reverse Number Lookup With a Search Engine.
  • Try Toll Free Phone Numbers.
  • Find Cell Phone Numbers Online.
  • Try Alternative Search Engines.
  • Use ZabaSearch to Find a Phone Number.
  • Use Facebook to Find a Phone Number.
  • Use a Specialized Directory to Find a Phone Number.
  • How big is the phone book?

    This phonebook is 8.5 x 8.5 inches in dimensions, wide enough to accommodate contact details without cramming in your text or numbers. It's Narrow-Ruled, with white rows and light grey rows for Contact Name header.

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