Where Is The Solar Arc Wizard101?

How do you get to the solar arc in wizard101?

When you go to the teleporter from Silent Market to the Khonda Desert, there's a secret passage that leads to the other side of the desert. Then head left past those death scoprions and the balance hoppers and into that village. Then go left and you'll see Dyvim. Keep going to get to the Solar Arc.

Where is the Chamber of solar justice?

The Chamber of Solar Justice Obelisk Orb is located in the Solar Arc in the Kondha Desert. Find the Solar Arc near the center of the map at Emperor of Mooshu. When you enter, the sigil is at the opposite side of the Arc. The orb is in the Chamber of Solar Justice to the left of Karma's Sting.

How do I get to ruined Alcazar?

There is a Teleporter in the east area of map that connects to the Silent Market. This Teleporter becomes accessible during the quest Diver Down (Khrysalis). The Radiance Reborn Teleporter is located in the central area, and becomes available during the quest Stairway to Heaven.

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Where is the obelisk orb in wizard101?

The obelisk orb in "Shadow Palace" is actually behind the Tree Roots, in Spirit Plane (Moros) out in the Shadow Palace courtyard with all the reagents lying about. To get it, you will have to go back into moros' plane and run behind the tree roots.

Where is the silent market wizard101?

The Silent Market was once a thriving marketplace in Khrysalis. A Khrysanthemum for the quest Another Exotic Exhibit can be found behind the ruined arch at the top of the staircase on the right. A Teleport Hub is located in the water area near the entrance to Tyrian Gorge.

How do you get to Serpent Island in wizard101?

Serpent Island is located in the northeast area of the Ruined Alcazar map. Wizards come here to enter Serpent Tower during the quest Cor Serpentis. The portal to and from Serpent Island is green. An Iron Butterfly can be found here.

Can you feint Morganthe?

In essence, a feint is 2 blades. Over the course of 4 rounds, if 4 blades are applied, the hit will have 2 more buffs than intended — which is not a bad thing — and will boost the hammer's damage significantly. Sometimes the fight may take more than 4 rounds. That's okay.

How do you get to Morganthe?

Morganthe is located inside the Shadow Palace in Khrysalis. You can get here quickly by using the Hive teleporter in the Silent Market, then going up a nearby ladder. She splits into four forms - Ice, Death, Storm, and Balance.

How do I get to sardonyx wizard101?

Wizards arrive in Sardonyx by way of the Radiance Temple Teleporter, located in the Shrine of Lost Light, during the quest Take Me Down to Mantis City. The city of Sardonyx (also known as Mantis City or Zha-Te-:Ke:-Zang-Zeeyun) is the capital of the Mantises.

What are the wizard101 worlds in order?

Wizard City, Krokotopia, Marleybone, Mooshu, Dragonspyre, Celestia, Zafaria, Avalon, Azteca, Khrysalis. The side worlds are Grizzleheim and Wysteria.

Where is Moon cliffs in wizard101?

The Moon Cliffs are an area of Khrysalis.

Where are the butterflies in wizard101?

The Hive Iron Butterfly

The notorious Black Hole found in the depths of the Hive (with perhaps something else waiting deep within) will lead you the Iron Butterfly. Head all the way behind the entrance to the dungeon and you will find a small cave with the butterfly on the ground.

Who is the last boss in Avalon?

The Pendragon is the Lord of the Wild Hunt, and the penultimate Boss in the Avalon quest line. Upon defeat, he reveals his true identity and how he came to be. The Second Chance Chest, Pendragon's Chest, will appear after the duel.

Who is the last boss in Khrysalis?

Morganthe's power over Death and Shadow magic allows her to bend reality to her whim, materializing all five forms of herself before the Wizards' eyes. This is the final battle in Khrysalis. Death Morganthe is considered the main Boss for the purpose of drops.

Who is Morganthe Wizard101?

Morganthe, also known as the Umbra Queen or the Shadow Queen, is the main antagonist of the second arc of Wizard101. Born in the World of Avalon, she became the apprentice of the famed wizard Merle Ambrose.

Where can I buy Morganthe jewel?

Morganthe Jewels

Besides being able to obtain these jewels from the School Jewel packs, you can also get these as a rare drop from Baba Yaga in Forlorn Tayg, Polaris. Make sure to farm them on the wizard you want them on as they are classified as 'No Trade'.

What dungeon is Morganthe in?

Wizards enter Morganthe's Chamber during the quest Final Challenge, and instance quest End Game. This is the final instance in Khrysalis, where the Wizard confronts Morganthe. Notes: This is the only instance with no time limit on Dungeon Recall.

Where is the sardonyx located?

Sardonyx is found in Brazil, India, Germany, Uruguay, Russia and the United States. The most sought after sardonyx is found in India.

Where is sardonyx in Khrysalis?

Description. Click here for area pricing for Khrysalis and its locations. The Sardonyx Market is located in the central east area of Sardonyx. A variety of Vendors can be found here after completing certain quests.

Where are the teleporters in Khrysalis?

First off, there are two places with teleporters in Khrysalis: one in the Bastion and one in the Silent Market.

How can I play Wizard101 on my phone?

  • Intro:
  • Step 3: Download Splashtop Streamer 1 or 2 (I use Splashtop 2)
  • Step 4: Run the App and Create an Account.
  • Step 5: Go on your computer and download the other side of the streamer from here: http://www.splashtop.com/downloads.
  • Step 6: Install and run.
  • What is the highest level in Wizard101?

    As of September 2021, players can achieve a maximum level of 140.

    Is Wizard101 making a new world?

    18, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- KingsIsle Entertainment, a proven MMO hitmaker that is bringing its unique vision to mobile games, invites players to experience the brand-new world of Karamelle in Wizard101. Enter Karamelle, the latest magical world in Wizard101.

    Where are the Vanilla Ice in wizard101?

    Search for this Vanilla Ice in Walruskberg Harbor inside the Inspectors Brigade Headquarters behind some boxes. You do not need to fight the boss to get the Vanilla Ice.

    Where is Zeke in Khrysalis?

    Prospector Zeke Quest

    You can find him in Sardonyx inside the wall of Troika Palace.

    Where are all the iron butterflies in wizard101?

    The icon of the Iron Butterfly on the map is where that specific Iron Butterfly is located.

  • Crescent Beach Iron Butterfly:
  • Ruined Alcazar Iron Butterfly:
  • Sardonyx Iron Butterfly:
  • Kondha Desert Iron Butterfly:
  • The Hive Iron Butterfly:
  • How do you beat the Jabberwock in Wizard101?

    the best way to beat him is to use every fire dispel cards you have including the treasure cards. Also have a high level ice wizard along with a high level life wizard to heal. I agree, but make sure Jabberwock is the one who gets the first turn and use the dispel on the round before he uses meteor strike.

    What is the last dungeon in Avalon?

    Keep of Ganelon is the final dungeon in Avalon.

    How do I get the detonate?

    Just so you know Detonate is a spell that was released in Avalon to be received as a special reward for the quest "No Pain, No Agravaine" at level 72. It is a four pip spell with a 75% accuracy rating. The function of this spell is to Destroy 1 Attack Over Time and Deal 100% Damage.

    What level do you get mass feint?

    Items Which Give This Card:

    Dworgyn's Havoc Hood (Level 120+)

    How do you beat Hisser in Wizard101?

    Just battle it, throw it in the pot and cook it. "I thought you came here to hurt me!" - If Hisser does not take Damage in a Round, he will cast a 0-Pip Tempest at the end of the Round, which deals 80 Storm Damage per Pip, based on the number of pips he has at the end of the Round. Power Pips count as normal Pips.

    Where is Sofia Darkside w101?

    But every Shadow spell carries the risk of Backlash.

    Creature:Sofia DarkSide.

    View Drops ⧨
    Minion Arkyn MoonBlade, Dread Paladin, and Dread Paladin
    Khrysalis Moon Cliffs - Eclipse Tower (Left)

    Who is Mellori wizard101?

    Mellori is a powerful young wizard who is the daughter of Grandmother Raven, though as a child she was raised by Baba Yaga at Raven's request. She is a student at Ravenwood.

    Where is Mirror Lake w101?

    The sacred waters of Mirror Lake are found atop Shining Mountain. This is where Merle Ambrose and the Council of Light trapped Morganthe's heart of darkness, her Deck of Shadows.

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