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How much is a Kpop photocard worth?

Behold: the K-pop photocard. With resale values from anywhere between ₱300 to ₱70,000 (and higher), these cards featuring images of K-pop idols have become mainstays in contemporary K-pop merchandise packages.

How do I get my free BTS photocard?

You can avail Free BTS Photocards by simply visiting a Samsung Smart Cafe or Experience Store anywhere in India. You might be asked a few questions to determine your genuineness for the reward, but if you are a true BTS fan then you will surely get it.

What is the most expensive Kpop photocard?

Jungkook's Butterful Photocard from Butterful Lucky Event is the Most Expensive K-Pop Photocard Ever Sold. It Sold on eBay at the price of 3,213 USD with 120 bids. Jungkook's blue selca FLO photocard was sold out at the price of $2,700 before. Check out this article for more detail.

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Who has the most expensive photocard?

BTS Jungkook's Photocard is the Most Expensive K-Pop Photocard ever sold at a whopping $3,213 | BTS's Jungkook is given the title of 'Sold Out King' by companies and brands themselves.

What is the most expensive Kpop music video?

B.A.P — One Shot

The music video for “One Shot” reportedly cost one billion won to produce (approximately US$910,000), making it one of the most expensive K-pop videos ever made.

Is Samsung giving away BTS photo cards?

Take a look. Samsung, which is a South Korean electronics giant, has gone to treat its customers and BTS fans with some exciting giveaways. On Twitter yesterday, news spread that Samsung stores are giving away free photocards of BTS. Each set contains 7 cards, one of each member.

Is Samsung giving away free BTS cards?

Samsung has launched the purple Galaxy S20 Plus 5G BTS edition. Both the smartphone and the Samsung Galaxy Buds that come with it feature purple accents all over. And now, Samsung is giving out FREE BTS photocards in cities like Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore.

Do you get Photocards with BTS meal?

The BTS meal comes with the seven-member boy band's signature order: a 10-piece chicken McNuggets, medium fries, medium Coke and two new dipping sauces — Chili and Cajun — inspired by recipes from McDonald's in South Korea. And for concerned fans, yes, the BTS meal is coming with free photocards, McDonald's confirmed.

What Kpop group makes the most money?

1) BTS ($150 million)

While the solo activities of BTS' members are lesser compared to other groups, they are still regarded as the richest K-pop group of 2021 owing to their contribution towards the success of their label and the South Korean economy.

What Kpop group has the most Photocards?

You will have understood this group is none other than SEVENTEEN who came back with their 3rd full-length album “An Ode”. It has a total of 260 photocards!

Who is the king of sold out?

BTS V's 'Midas touch' aka 'V Effect' is now acknowledged by the South Korean Presidential Blue House. In a recent Twitter post, the Blue House talked about the impact of BTS V who can make a product sold out in minutes. Here's a look at BTS V's immense global influence that has established him as the 'sold out' king.

Do people sell fake Kpop albums?

Though it is more likely that a signed promo is real, there are sellers that will buy unsigned promos, fake the sigs, and then sell them for more than they bought them. You should still pay as much attention and vet promos just as much as normal albums before purchasing.

What can you do with Photocards?

  • Create a lucky keychain.
  • Deck out your phone, laptop, or tablet case.
  • Customize your desk.
  • Beautiful bookmark.
  • Create unique ornaments.
  • A wallet that everyone will envy.
  • Use as proxies for card games.
  • Give them some love.
  • Who was the first kpop group to do Photocards?

    Girls' Generation was the first K-pop group that included photocards in their 2010 album Oh. Each physical album contained one random photocard, and the buyer would only know which member they got after opening the album.

    How do I sell my PhotoCard on Ebay?

    How much do Photocards weigh?

    However, when I ship bulk, I do 50 count jewel cases, fill up however many, go buy a big bubble mailer, stick the jewels in like normal, seal bubble mailer, put bubble mailer into flat rate envelope and print label for flat rate envelope. I would estimate 1 chrome, in sleeve to be about . 3, probably less ounces or so.

    What is the most expensive kpop choreography?

    According to Koreaboo, SHINee's Sherlock was the most expensive choreo they ever paid for, meaning it's probably pretty good. And it is!

    What is the most expensive debut in Kpop?

  • I have heard that LOONA, was the most expensive girl-group to debut, because of ambitious plan of their agency.
  • According to media estimates, LOONA has spent about four billion won (~$3,327,600 USD) before the group has even made their debut.
  • How much is BTS worth?

    Naturally, all the members of BTS earn a pretty handsome amount of money. As per media reports, Jimin, V and Jin's net worth is $20 million each. According to a Celebrity Net Worth report, the South Korean band members have a net worth of around Rs $20 million each.

    What is the price of BTS album in India?

    M.R.P.: ₹11,999.00
    Price: ₹7,390.00
    You Save: ₹4,609.00 (38%)
    Inclusive of all taxes

    How do I claim my BTS photocard?

  • Visit any Smart Store or The SM Store branch anywhere in the country.
  • Approach the designated store personnel or customer service personnel and present your GigaLife App screen showing the REDEEMED REWARD item.
  • Click CLAIM on the reward notification upon the request of store personnel.
  • What is a BTS card?

    Shinhan Card said Monday it plans to launch private label credit card featuring South Korean boyband BTS and other celebrities later this year, exclusively for K-pop fans. A PLCC is a credit card branded jointly by two business entities that are intended to be used exclusively at a specific retailer.

    Does BTS meal include photocards in India?

    Unfortunately, as of now, the BTS Meal does not officially come with photocards based on McDonald's press release about the collab.

    Does McDonalds have BTS Photocards?

    McDonald's confirmed on Monday that this will be a BTS photocard to add to your collection. In a tweet, they wrote: “Just got off the phone with the guys, photo cards are coming with merch.”

    Does McDonalds give BTS Photocards?

    With most BTS CD packages, fans also receive photocards and, sometimes, posters. McDonald's has not announced that this meal will include photocards of the BTS members. However, some “concept photos” featuring the artists drop on a daily basis on McDonalds' social media accounts.

    Does BTS Meal have photocards in the Philippines?

    Unfortunately, the BTS Meal does not come with photo cards or any other merchandise. To be released via a “one-of-a-kind menu tour”, The BTS Meal will only be available in the Philippines starting June 18, 2021.

    What is black card in Korea?

    The Black Card, in simpler terms, is the biggest flex for a K-pop star. Only the rarest of the rare get a chance to have them. It's a type of luxury credit card that has no upper limit of expenses. They can literally skyrocket for all anyone cares. It's also a symbol of a lavish lifestyle and the ultra-rich.

    What is the richest K-pop girl group?

    Lisa (Blackpink) – US$10- 14 Million

    Blackpink's Lisa is reportedly the richest member of the K-pop girl group. She has an edge over the other female K-pop idols due to her popularity in her home nation of Thailand, too.

    Who is the youngest K-pop Idol?

    5 youngest K-Pop idols of 2021

  • Jang Won-young, formerly of Iz*One. Jang Won-young is better known as Wonyoung among fans, and the K-Pop idol belonged formerly to IZ*One.
  • Ni-ki of ENHYPEN.
  • Junghwan of TREASURE.
  • Jeongwoo of TREASURE.
  • What Kpop album should I buy?

  • 1 Map of the Soul: 7 by BTS.
  • 2 Eyes Wide Open by Twice.
  • 3 Fatal Love by Monsta X.
  • 4 Minisode1: Blue Hour by Tomorrow X Together.
  • 5 Monster by Red Velvet's Irene & Seulgi.
  • 6 Super One by SuperM.
  • 7 -77.82X-78.29 by Everglow.
  • 8 Da Capo by April.
  • How many photocards are in a Blackpink album?

    "THE ALBUM" Includes: a Package Box (4 different versions), Hardcover Photobook (96 pages), CD, Postcard Set (4 unique cards), Credits Sheet, Photocards (2 of 20, random), Postcards (2 of 20, random), Sticker (1 of 4, random), Mounted Photocard.

    How many photocards are in the Be album?

    About this item

    1 CD, 1 photobook, 1 making book, 1 lyric poster, 8 photocards, 1 polaroid photo card, 1 photoframe, 7 postcards, 1 poster. All sales count towards Soundscan and the US Billboard Charts, as well as the Korean Hanteo and Gaon charts.

    What is Jungkook Favourite song?

    Jungkook agreed that “On” was his favorite. “We've never performed it in front of ARMYs yet. I think if we performed it now, they would love that,” Jungkook said, according to a translation on the video.

    Why is Jungkook so popular?

    Jungkook has always nailed it with his incredible and soothing voice. He has never disappointed his team and fans with his efforts. But apart from singing, Jungkook is also known for his amazing dancing skills and style. The K-pop singer has also become a huge fashion sensation.

    Who is K-pop King?

    BTS V emerged as the winner among a number of acclaimed K-pop stars snagging the title K-pop Idol Of The Year Male (King Of Kpop).

    Is there a fake NCT album?

    ARE THERE FAKE NCT 127 LIMITLESS SIGNED ALBUMS—Yes. The ones that are usually signed with fake signatures tend to have a “gold” C1 sticker. Majority of them were signed on the inside big card instead of on the cover. As you can see, the entire placement is out of order.

    What is first press Kpop?

    When a kpop group releases an album, they will print a quantity a first time to release for selling. This is First press. First press albums are the ones included in the first round of printing. After these ones sell out, they will print second press albums.

    How do I verify my Kpop album?

    Get your mobile device, open the Whosfan app, and tap on the QR code icon right next to the search icon. A camera will open. Verify your HATS Card by scanning the unique QR code. If the camera successfully scans the QR code, you will then be asked to scan the barcode of your album.

    How can I make photocards online?

  • Choose a Template. Choose from dozens of photo card templates to start.
  • Edit. Add photos and customize your card freely.
  • Save/Share. Save your photo card as image or share it online via social media.
  • How do I display my photocard?

    What is a Kpop photocard?

    But for fans, official K-pop photocards – or “pocas” or “PCs” – are special, as they're exclusive photos of their idols that haven't been released on other platforms. A collection of BTS and SEVENTEEN photocards.

    How do you protect your photocard from your phone case?

    To protect your photos from damage, say no to PVC and look for polypropylene pages instead. Even the clear plastic phone cases we tend to use to display our favorite photocard usually contain PVC! This is why you may have seen some people sleeve their photocards all of this time with clear penny sleeves.

    What is the most expensive K-pop photocard?

    Jungkook's Butterful Photocard from Butterful Lucky Event is the Most Expensive K-Pop Photocard Ever Sold. It Sold on eBay at the price of 3,213 USD with 120 bids. Jungkook's blue selca FLO photocard was sold out at the price of $2,700 before. Check out this article for more detail.

    How much is a K-pop photocard worth?

    Behold: the K-pop photocard. With resale values from anywhere between ₱300 to ₱70,000 (and higher), these cards featuring images of K-pop idols have become mainstays in contemporary K-pop merchandise packages.

    Who started the lightstick in K-pop?

    2. Bigbang is the first one to have official lightstick. G-Dragon designed it.

    Is selling Photocards illegal?

    It's perfectly fine to print photos for your own personal use. But selling such merchandise without permission is illegal. Jeon Jungsook can get sued by BigHit or BTS for it. But they're also violating someone else's rights.

    How do you package a photocard without a Toploader?

    Scotch tape to seal the top part of the sleeve so the card doesnt fall out, a stronger tape for the rest. What you can do when sending with cardboard, is to tape the card (in a sleeve) onto one side, tape the top so it's sealed, then put the other piece of cardboard on top of the card and tape it as tight as possible.

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