Who Is Head On In Tower Of God?

Who has reached the top of the tower of God?

Nobody has reached the top yet." The current accessible top of the Tower is the 134th Floor.

Who is hats in Tower of God?

Hatsu (하츠, Hahcheu; or "Hatz") is a Regular and a "devoutly" practising swordsman. He met and teamed up with Anak Zahard and Ship Leesoo during the "Deathmatch" Test on the 2nd Floor and later signed Khun's friend list.

Who is the real villain in Tower of God?

After the events of the Hidden Floor, Zahard came out of hibernation and is active once again, making him the highest ranked Active Ranker in the Tower, right above Urek Mazino. Due to his actions, Zahard can be considered the primary antagonist of the series.

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Is Endorsi a princess?

One of the many Princesses in Zahard's cabinet of display shoes. Androssi Zahard (엔도르시 자하드, "Endoreusi Jahad") is a Regular and one of Zahard's Princesses, currently climbing the Tower. Regarded as very strong and haughty, Androssi is one of Khun's friends ever since meeting Baam.

What is reverse flow tower of God?

Once your body is in contact with your opponent's, you forcefully "reverse-flow control" the flow of Shinsu in your opponent's body by accelerating the flow of Shinsu inside your own body.

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