Who To Invite To A Baby Shower

Who is traditionally supposed to host a baby shower?

Most baby showers should be hosted by a sister, mother, mother-in-law, or close friend. Baby showers were traditionally thrown by family members who weren't close with the parents-to-be, to avoid the assumption that close family members wanted to collect gifts for themselves.

Do you invite out of town guests to baby shower?

Shower Invitations for Far Away Guests

While it may not be practical, the intent is honorable. Most likely your hostess didn't want you to feel left out. The guest list can be a dilemma for a shower host, who wants to make sure that relatives and close friends feel included, even if too far away to attend.

Who do you RSVP to for baby shower?

The invitation should clearly state the name of the guest of honor—the mom-to-be, or both parents, depending on if one or both will be in attendance. The host (whoever is planning the shower and will be collecting RSVPs) should also be listed, along with the best contact information for them to get reservations.

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What happens when you are 7 months pregnant?

At the end of the seventh month of pregnancy, fat begins to be deposited on your baby. Your baby is about 36 cm (14 inches) long and weighs from about 900 - 1800g (two to four pounds). Your baby's hearing is fully developed and they change position frequently and responds to stimuli, including sound, pain, and light.

What do girls put on baby shower invitations?

  • Two Little Feet. Two little feet we are about to greet… a Baby Girl we can't wait to meet! Join us in showering the parents to be.
  • It's A Girl. It's a Girl! Join us for Brunch in honor of.
  • Formula For Fun. We have the formula for fun! Help us celebrate and shower.
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