Who Voices Zeke Jaeger?

Who is the voice of Yukine Noragami?

Who does Dio voice in AOT?

Takehito Koyasu is a Japanese voice actor known for voicing Dio Brando, Shinsuke Takasugi, and Aokiji.

Who is the voice of Mikasa?

Mikasa Ackerman

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Who voiced vanir in Konosuba?

Robbie Daymond is the English dub voice of Vanir in Konosuba: God's Blessing on this Wonderful World!, and Masakazu Nishida is the Japanese voice.

Who voices Adrien in miraculous?

Who voices Todoroki dub?

Who does Kira Buckland voice?

Kira Buckland is an American voice actress. She voiced Marie in Skullgirls and Izumo Kamiki in Blue Exorcist. She is the English voice of Hiyoko Saionji and Kirumi Tojo.

Who voices Touka Tokyo ghoul?

Who voiced 9's?

After having spoken with Kira Buckland, the voice of 2B in NieR: Automata, I had the opportunity to talk with Kyle McCarley, who had work in NieR: Automata as well. Kyle is the voice actor behind 9S from Automata and Alm, from Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, two of the greatest games of the last year.

Who is the strongest Titan?

1) Founding Titan

This Titan was introduced in season 2 episode 12, and its users were Karl Fritz, Ymir Fritz, Frieda Reiss, Uri Reiss, Grisha Yeager, and Eren Jaeger. This is the most powerful Titan of the lot.

Who voices Dio Brando English?

Patrick Seitz
Patrick Seitz
Years active 2000–present
Notable credit(s) One Piece (Funimation dub) as Franky Sword Art Online as Agil Bleach as Isshin Kurosaki Fairy Tail as Laxus Dreyar JoJo's Bizarre Adventure as Dio Brando Mortal Kombat as Scorpion Tekken as Bob Richards Dragon Ball Super as Jiren My Hero Academia as Endeavor

Who is the gorilla Titan?

The Beast Titan (獣の巨人 Kemono no Kyojin?) is one of the Nine Titans. It has a unique ape-like appearance and is slightly larger than most Titans. It is currently in the possession of Zeke Jaeger, and first appeared during the invasion of Wall Rose.

Who voices Adam sk8?

David Wald and Takehito Koyasu as Adam.

Is vanir stronger than demon king?

Trivia. In volume 15, he claimed to be stronger than the Demon King in a very matter-of-fact manner, due to the fact that he was a Duke of Hell. Vanir's real body resides in hell. He interacts with the mortal realm with the use of his mask.

Is vanir immortal Konosuba?

Vanir is a Devil, an immortal monster that feeds off of negative emotions, and seemingly can resurrect themselves.

How old is Eris Konosuba?

She possesses the physical appearance of a fifteen years-old girl and is stated to be extremely beautiful by many people including Kazuma, and her peers describe her as having a delicate and beautiful face that impresses on them a hint of melancholy.

Who is the fourth fairy king?

Angush「 アングシュ」 is the 4th Fairy King and the protector of the Fairy King's Forest and the rest of the Fairy Realm. His Sacred Treasure is the Spirit Spear Omyniad, which he uses in conjunction with his inherent power, Disaster.

Who was the 1st fairy king?

Gloxinia「グロキシニア」 is the first king of the Fairy King's Forest, but later defected and became recruited as the Repose of the Ten Commandments. However, after seeing King's choice, he ultimately left and returned to affiliate with the Fairy Clan.

Who was the 3rd fairy king?

History. King was born more than a thousand years ago from the Sacred Tree of the Fairy King's Forest. At some point, he was chosen by the Sacred Tree to be the third Fairy King.

What is Todoroki's blood type?

Todoroki has Ice and Fire quirks, like his mother and father. His blood type is also type O.

Who voices Chiaki Nanami English?

Christine Marie Cabanos is the English dub voice of Chiaki Nanami in Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair, and Kana Hanazawa is the Japanese voice.

Who voiced Mitsuri?

Kira Buckland ★ @ Sweet Pirates Crew on Twitter: "@Director_Mouse Mitsuri Kanroji from Demon Slayer. I voice her in the dub as well!" / Twitter.

Who voices Kira Death Note?

Who voiced mad moxxi?

Brina Palencia
Brina Palencia
Palencia at the 2011 Phoenix Comicon
Born February 13, 1984 Oklahoma, U.S.
Education University of North Texas (B.M., 2006)
Occupation Actress

Who all does Brina Palencia voice?

She's known for voicing: Chiaotzu in Dragon Ball Z Kai, Ciel Phantomhive in Black Butler, Juvia Lockser in Fairy Tail, Mikoto Suou in School Rumble, Rei Ayanami in Evangelion: 1.11 You Are (Not) Alone and Evangelion: 2.22 You Can (Not) Advance, Ruiko Saten in A Certain Scientific Railgun and Tony Tony Chopper in One

Who voiced Sasuke?

Who does Griffin Burns play?

He is known for voicing Shalnark in Hunter × Hunter, Akira Fudo in Devilman: Crybaby, Vinegar Doppio in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind, Jinta "Jintan" Yadomi in anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day, Ryota Suzui in Kakegurui and Ritsuka Fujimaru in Fate/Grand Order: First Order.

What was Grisha Titan power?

He was sent on a mission from "the Owl" to infiltrate the Walls and take the Founding Titan from the Reiss family, and was given the power of the Attack Titan in order to do so.

Does Eren eat the jaw Titan?

Riener snatched jaw titan from eren at the last moment. Now you will be thinking why eren didn't to try to snatch it again then the simple answer is that eren was out of juice.

Is DIEO Dio Brando?

Diego Brando (ディエゴ・ブランドー, Diego Burandō), commonly referred to as Dio (ディオ), is the secondary antagonist featured in Steel Ball Run. Diego Brando is a genius British jockey, hailed as one of the best contenders to win the Steel Ball Run race.

Can Zeke control Titans?

Zeke's Beast Titan was able to direct the actions of Pure Titans and could command them to move, resist the urge to eat humans, and stay in place. Titans under Zeke's control were even able to function using only moonlight without falling into fatigue.

Is Zeke Erwin's dad?

Haha when the beast titan guy appeared for the first time in the manga people thought the same you did. SOme thought he was Erwin's dad, some (like me) thought he was Grisha's dad (eren's grandfather) because he did looked quite similar to Eren's dad. But to answer your question, no he is not Erwin's father.

Who is Zeke Yeager son?

Zeke was the son of Grisha Yeager and Dina Fritz, the older half-brother of Eren Yeager, and a member of the royal family from his mother's side.


Beast Titans
Tom Ksaver (829-842) Zeke Yeager (842-854) Unknown (854)
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