Who Was Shyama In Ranga’s Marriage?

Who was Shyama?

Answer: Shyam was Ranga's three year old son. The writer had been invited to dinner on the occasion of the celebration of his birthday.

How old was Shyama in Ranga marriage?

She is eleven years old and is Rama Rao's niece. She had lost both her parents so her uncle brought her from the big town to his home with him. She had a great voice and could play harmonium and veena. The narrator thought that Ranga and Ratna would make a great pair.

Who was Shastri in Ranga's marriage?

The village astrologer Shastri plays a vital role in arranging Ranga's marriage with Ratna. He tells Ranga about his liking for a girl whose name resembles something found in an ocean. He is able to convince Ranga that he would be able to marry that girl.

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What is the meaning of Shyama?

Derived from Sanskrit श्याम (shyama) meaning "dark, black, blue". This is a transcription of the masculine form श्याम, which is another name of the Hindu god Krishna, as well as the feminine form श्यामा, one of the many names of the wife of the god Shiva.

What kind of person was the narrator in Ranga's marriage?

According to the story, the narrator is a very simple and kind hearted person. He seems to have a lot of admiration for his village and knows the smallest tit-bits about his place. The narrator seems to have a clever perception and is a good judge of people. He realises that Ranga is a good groom for Ratna.

How did Shyama introduce Ranga with Ratna?

The narrator in the story “Ranga's Marriage” manages to get Ranga married to Ratna by conducting a meeting of the two. According to him, they were the best suitable for each other. He planned the meeting so that Ranga could be impressed by her virtues and her quality of singing.

Why did Ranga name son Shyama?

The reason that Ranga and Ratna kept their child name as Shyama was because it was only due to Shyama that Ranga could marry Ratna. Shyama was the person who changed his thoughts towards the concept of marriage and did everything to bring the pair together and make the marriage happen.

Who are the characters in Ranga's marriage?


  • Shyama – The narrator, lives in Hosahalli village.
  • Ranga – son of the village accountant.
  • Ratna – a girl of 11, Rama Rao's niece.
  • Shastriji – a village astrologer.
  • Who is Gundabhatta in this lesson?

    Gundabhatta was a doctor in the village Hosahalli. He spoke glowing about the village just like the narrator. He had not been to England. Doctor Gundabhatta does not feel any loss for not visiting England.

    What is the meaning of Shyama in Bengali?

    Shyama is Bengali Girl name and meaning of this name is "Dark as Cloud; Goddess Kali".

    How do you say Shyama?

    Who is the author of the chapter Ranga's marriage?

    Class 11 'Ranga's Marriage' is a brilliant story written by Masti Venkatesh Iyengar. In this story, the author depicts an incident from his life. It circles a guy named Ranga. The incident happened in the village named Hosahalli.

    What image do you form of the narrator Shyama?

    Answer : The narrator images as a gentleman . He is ever ready to help others. He is instrumental in arranging the marriage of Ranga and Ratna.

    What was Ranga's views about marriage?

    Answers. Ranga believed he needed to find the right girl to get married. He believed if he would ever marry a girl, she would be mature, not a very young girl. Besides, he wanted to marry a girl whom he admired.

    What are the themes around which the story Ranga's marriage is woven?

    Thus we can say that the main theme of the story is the conflict between tradition and modernity. The conflict occurs when Ranga, against his rationality, falls in love with Ratna, an eleven-year-old girl and finally gets married to her.

    What role did Shyama the narrator play in fixing Ranga's marriage?

    Answer: Shyama, the narrator, resolves to get Ranga married. He lays a trap for Ranga. He invites both, Ratna and Ranga to his house so that they see each other.

    Who is Shyama Why did he take Ranga to the astrologer?

    Explanation: Shyama took Ranga to the astrologer as he wanted him to get him to get married to Ratna. Accordingly, he took Ranga to the astrologer whom he had already tutored. The outcome was that the astrologer succeeded in arousing Ranga's interest in Ratna.

    What arrangements did Shyama make with Shastri?

    Answer: Narrator want to Ranga get married with Ratna that's why he make arrangement with the village Shastri that when he came to him with Ranga then Sastri will say the same words which narrator tell to him . He give him the clues with the help of which he have to spoke the words.

    What mistake did Shyama made initially?

    When, Shyama took Ranga to meet Shastri, ​​​he was about to blurt out the fact that he had met Shastri earlier that morning to further the plan to get Ranga married.

    How did Shyama arrange the marriage of Ranga?

    He arranged that Ranga should hear Ratna sing and get a glimpse of her. He said that she was probably married and made Ranga think she was out of reach for him. Then he arranged with the astrologer to tell him that he could get the girl he liked. Ranga and Ratna were married.

    When Ranga and Ratna named their son after Shyama they were following?

    Ranga and Ratna named their son after Shyama to pay respect to the narrator i.e. Shyama, who was the one to unite both of them in the bond of marriage.

    Who was Shyama Class 11?

    Shyama is the narrator of the story, "Ranga's Marriage". He is an old and experienced man, who has more faith in traditional beliefs than Ranga's modern notions. He manipulates Ranga in such a manner that he ends up marrying Ratna, an eleven year old girl, in spite of his notions about marriage .

    Why did the narrator Shyama call the couple childish?

    Because Once the narrator was invited to Ranga son's birthday. When the narrator reached Ranga's, he got to know that Ranga had named his son after the narrator's name. Besides, he noticed that Ratna was once again pregnant at such a tender age. Having seen both of the things, he called them a childish couple.

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