Why Did Ranga Name Son Shyama?

Why do you think Ranga and Ratna named their son after Shyam?

Ranga and Ratna's fondness for the narrator Shyama was the main factor behind the naming of their child after the narrator. They named their child Shyama in honour of the narrator. Hence, this act of naming their child after him was a mark of their affection for Shyama.

What is the name of Ranga son?

Ranga named his son Shyama, after the narrator. He did this, as his way of honouring the narrator, and thanking him for introducing him to Ratna.

What is the meaning of name Shyama?

Derived from Sanskrit श्याम (shyama) meaning "dark, black, blue". This is a transcription of the masculine form श्याम, which is another name of the Hindu god Krishna, as well as the feminine form श्यामा, one of the many names of the wife of the god Shiva.

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What is the name of the author of Ranga's marriage?

Ranga's marriage summary is an interesting take on the story of marriage by Masti Venkatesha Iyengar. In this story, the narrator tells us about a very interesting incident from his life.

Why did Rangas face Shrivelled like a roasted brinjal?

Ranga's face was shrivelled when he learnt that Ratna had been married a year ago upon enquiring about her marital status. His face was shrivelled like a roasted brinjal because he had taken a fancy to the girl and now his hopes seemed to have been dashed.

How old was Ranga and Ratna's son?

he was approx 20 to 25 years old.

Why sending a child to Bangalore to study was a courageous act?

Explanation: In the story, Ranga's marriage, the village accountant is called courageous by the author because he was the first man in the village to send his son, Ranga to Bangalore to pursue higher studies. Ten years ago ,there were only a few people in the village who knew English.

What is the real name of Shyama in Krishnakoli?

Tiyasha Roy (born 16 August 1999) is a Bengali Indian television actress. She is known for portraying the character of Shyama in the Bengali television series Krishnakoli.

Who came to help Rangas pregnant wife?

He asked Ranga, now that his wife was eight months pregnant, who was helping his mother to cook. Ranga said that his sister had come with her.

How old was Shyama in Ranga's marriage?

She is eleven years old and is Rama Rao's niece. She had lost both her parents so her uncle brought her from the big town to his home with him. She had a great voice and could play harmonium and veena. The narrator thought that Ranga and Ratna would make a great pair.

What is the sacred thread worn by Ranga called as?

When Ranga came back from Bangalore, the villagers expected him to have changed. Some thought that he might have abandoned his caste. To check this, an old woman felt Ranga's back to see if he was still wearing his Janewara, a sacred thread worn by Brahmins.

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