Why Does Rachel Want To Climb The Tower?

What is Rachel's goal Tower of God?

She longs to see the stars which is one of the fabled rewards waiting at the top of the Tower, because she "fears the Night". Having once been a member of Khun's team, she now works alongside FUG.

Why did Rachel push Baam in Tower of God?

First, she pretends to be restricted to a wheelchair for years, and then we discover that when she wasn't chosen to enter the tower on her own, she strikes a deal with Headon which is probably the reason why she felt compelled to violate their friendship the way she did.

Does Bam confront Rachel?

Because of Rachel's treatment of Khun, Baam was finally able to get angry at Rachel and willing to fight her. In his rage over Khun's condition, Baam was finally willing to directly confront Rachel, and if Khun had actually died, it is very likely he would have killed her.

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Who was the most annoying character on Friends?

Ross Geller Is the Most Hated 'Friends' Character, Is It Because He Peaked Too Soon?

  • Ross Geller was an academic standout and succeeded in college.
  • He was the first of his friends to get married.
  • Maybe Ross Geller peaked too early.
  • Why is Bam the 25th?

    The name "Twenty-Fifth Baam (25th Baam)" was given or told by Rachel. Baam's birthday and age are classified based on setting. After he meets Garam Zahard on the 43rd Floor, she tells him that his name comes from his parents -- "Grace" from Grace Arlen and "Viole" is probably from V.

    What did Headon tell Rachel?

    Tower of God: Part 1

    Rachel entered the Tower, calling him "Fae", and asked for guidance. He told her she wasn't chosen to climb the Tower, to her dismay, calling her an "incredibly dirty, foul, lying, naughty little girl". She asked for a chance to gain the opportunity and Headon called upon the Ball Test.

    Who is the demon inside Baam?

    The only demon found inside Baam during the first revolution was Blue Thryssa.

    Who has the least screen time on Friends?

    The Friends writers did a remarkable job of distributing screen time evenly among the six principal players. While Joey appears in 47.7 percent of all scenes, the most of any character, Phoebe, the character who appears in the fewest, is just barely behind her pals, with appearances in 41.9 percent of all scenes.

    Who is your least Favourite Friends character?

    Monica is the least favourite main character on the show with only five percent of the votes. Her brother Ross didn't fare much better, only scoring one percent more.

    Why did Rachel take care of Baam?

    Rachel has cared for Baam, taught him all he needs to know. Rachel always tells Baam about the stars and how much she wants to see it. And to be able to reach her dreams, she has to climb the tower. So Rachel had to leave Baam to fulfill her dreams, this shows her commitment.

    What is outside the Tower of God?

    The Outside God is a being located outside the tower who revived Arlen Grace's dead child following its death at the hands of Zahard.

    Who betrayed Bam Tower of God?

    But there's one question that fans of the series can't seem to shake, and it's this: why does Rachel betray Baam?

    Who defeated White Tower of God?

    White was defeated by a Zahard's Princesses from the same family. This means that he was defeated by an Arie Princess of Zahard.

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