Why Is Frank Packer A Sir?

Who was Frank Packers wife?

How did the Packer family get rich?

In 1987, Packer made a fortune at the expense of disgraced tycoon Alan Bond. He reportedly sold Bond the Nine Network at the record price of A$1.05 billion in 1987, and then bought it back three years later for a mere A$250 million, when Bond's empire was collapsing.

What happened to Kerry Packers brother?

Robert Clyde Packer (22 July 1935 – 8 April 2001), usually known as Clyde Packer, was the son of Australian newspaper magnate Frank Packer and the elder brother of media baron Kerry Packer. Robert Clyde Packer died of heart and lung failure on 8 April 2001, aged 65.

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When was Kerry born?

Kerry Packer

Who is James Packer's mum?

James Packer

Who married James Packer?

What do the Packers own?

Green Bay Packers, Inc. is the official name of the publicly held nonprofit corporation that owns the National Football League (NFL)'s Green Bay Packers football franchise, based in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Who is the owner of Star Casino?

Star Entertainment Group
The Star, Sydney
Owner Star Entertainment Group
Architect Philip Cox
Previous names Star City Casino Sydney Harbour Casino
Renovated in 2009–2011 A$961 million

Does James Packer have a child?

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