Will RAC 12 Get Confirmed In 2AC?

How many RAC tickets get confirmed in 2AC?

For the 2AC coaches, RAC berths has been increased to three from the existing two. Now six passengers can be accommodated in 2AC instead of four only.

Does RAC get confirmed in 2AC?

Yes, online booked ticket which gets to RAC after chart preparation is valid for travelling in 2AC coach.

Will waiting list get confirmed in 2AC?

"No waitlisted ticket holder will be allowed to travel. Only confirmed ticket holders will be allowed to travel. A total of 50 waiting list tickets are expected in 2AC, 100 in 3AC and AC chair car and a total of 200 waitlisted tickets are expected in sleeper class.

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Will RAC get confirmed in Rajdhani?

@Kartik_Iyer RAC tickets are considered as confirmed tickets since you have already been alloted a half berth and can travel. If the chart hasn't been prepared, your ticket status could change to full berth allotment.

Which ticket gets confirmed first?

General Ticket gets Confirmed first, there is almost no chance of Tatkal Ticket getting confirmed. General wait listed tickets gets the first priority. Followed by remote location list and pooled quota list. Tatkal tickets are usually last to get confirmed.

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