Work Baby Shower Invitation

Are baby showers appropriate at work?

Before we can jump into the details of throwing a work baby shower, one question needs to be answered: Are baby showers at work appropriate? The short answer is yes! Many offices choose to throw baby showers for their employees—and often, the human resources department is actually in charge of putting them together.

Should you invite coworkers to a baby shower?

If no office shower is planned, then the etiquette is based on doing what's considerate and respectful, rather than following a set "rule." For instance, the "rule" says that since baby showers are intimate affairs, you should invite only those co-workers who are also friends.

When should a coworker throw a baby shower?

When to Throw the Party

The rule of thumb for most baby showers is 1-2 months before the baby's due date. That way, she's unlikely to give birth before it happens and can still enjoy it. Still, it's best to ask the parent-to-be what date is most convenient for her.

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